XuRi(Sand Casting&Machining)
Relationship to Densen Group: sub-factory
● Established in 2002 ● Located in Chaoyang, China
● Factory area: 18,000 m2 ● Employee numbers: 200
● Annual capacity: 10,000 tons ● Processes: Casting Machining
● Material handled: Cast steel, alloy steel, wear-resistant,heat-resistant steel ● Certificates:
brief information
Casting equipment  
Automatic processing line of molding sand by V(vacuum)method, which is mainly aimed at large and complex product.
casting equipment
Machining equipment
Equipped with complete processing and polishing equipment. Includes a 8 meters vertical lathe, a 6.3 meters vertical lathe, a 5 meters vertical lathe, a 4 meters vertical lathe, five 2.5 meters vertical lathe,ten 10 meters vertical lathe.With large processing equipment, it can provide processing and production.
machining equipment
Heat treatment equipment
Equipped with 2 large electric furnaces, which can accommodate the total volume of 90 cubic meters.
Also equipped with a 40000 cubic meter cycle quench tank.

heat treatment equipment
Products collection-Cone crusher parts

Cone crusher parts

Cone crusher parts1
Products collection-Mill parts,Jaw,Impact crusher parts
Mill parts,Jaw,Impact crusher parts

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