Densen Group is a leading investment casting manufacture in China, a process of forming metal that typically uses a wax pattern surrounded by a ceramic shell to make a ceramic mold. When the shell dries, the wax is melted away, leaving only the mold. Then the casting component is formed by pouring molten metal into the ceramic mold.


Advantages of Investment Casting

Investment-castingThere are numerous benefits of investment casting. The process can eliminate secondary processes after casting and reduce tooling costs over several production runs. With an extensive selection of alloys to choose from, the final parts display accurate and smooth surfaces, low tolerances, and allow for lower weight with thin walls. The design flexibility has a wide range so parts can be produced in almost any size or complexity. Other methods do not provide the same tolerance levels.

Densen's Investment Casting Capabilities

Densen is capable of meeting material specifications according to ASTM, SAE, AISI, ACI, DIN, EN, ISO, and GB standards. We have more than 100 different ferrous and non-ferrous alloys with which we cast parts using a complex design criteria. Our dimensionally and geometrically complex investment castings are produced to net shape, minimizing the need for secondary machining. Our top of the line equipment and automation process controls allow for consistent and repeatable tolerances as close as ±0.1 mm. Our castings can also be produced in a wide size range. They be as small as 10 mm long x 10 mm wide x 10 mm high and weigh as little as 0.01 kg, or as much as 1000 mm in length and weigh as much as 100 kg.

Densen's Solutions

At Densen Group, we pride ourselves in offering our customers the highest-quality service from start to finish. Our services include:

  • In-house tooling design and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Prototype development.
  • Process research and development.
  • Manufacturing flexibility.
  • Qualification and testing.
  • Value-added one-stop solutions.

Our global clients include companies in the automotiveaerospace, and medical industries. We employ numerous non-destructive and laboratory test methods on site in our quality lab to verify precision of internal structure and material composition. Our highly-skilled engineers, chemists, and technicians handle order loads from a few pieces to several million per year.

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As the global leader in investment casting manufacturing, we take pride in offering only the best services on the market. Our passion for outstanding customer service leads our drive for excellency. To learn more about our services or discuss options for your next project,reach out to the team today.