ISF Science Co.,Ltd
Relationship to Densen Group: sub-factory
● Established in 2006 ● Located in Shenyang, China
● Factory area: 28,000 m2 ● Employee numbers: 100

ISF is a professional manufacturer of Magnetic equipment, specialize in researching ,developing and manufacturing the magnetic separation equipment and resources recycling equipment, the products are extensively used in solid waste treatment, metallurgical mine, power plants, coal mining and other industries.
The company was founded in 2006, our main products are solid waste sorting equipment of complete set, such as steel scraps automatic sorting line, aluminum recycling sorting line, papermaking waste sorting lines, PET flakes separation line, and various kinds of magnetic equipment as bellow:
1. Eddy Current Separator                        5. Vibrating Feeder
2. Magnetic separator                               6. Magnetic Pulley
3. Suspended Magnetic Separator           7. Demagnetizer
4. Lifting Magnets
With good quality, reasonable prices, our products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia,etc. 
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Application scene: Automatic sorting line
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Product Show: Drum magnetic separator 
drum magnetic separator (1)

Product Show: Eddy current separator
eddy current separator (1)
Product Show: E
lectro magnetic separator 
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Product Show: Magnetic feeder 
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Product Show: Magnetic lift cane 
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Product Show:  Permanent drum magnet
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Product Show:  Permanent grate magnet
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Product Show:  Permanent magnetic separator
permanent magnetic separator (1)

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