• About Densen aluminum gravity casting factory

    As one of the leading aluminum casting foundry in China, with satisfied clients all over the world, has built a strong reputation in the casting industry. We work with numerous well-known customers supplying raw and fully machined aluminum castings for many applications.

  • 30 years of experience in OEM precision casting and machining

    30 years of experience in OEM precision casting and machining, from single product to volume machining to the highest standards.We are the Densen Group, a dedicated team that provides professional production for precision investment casting and machining. Our product range includes Auto Accessories

  • Keep moving with Densen - Yang Min

    In the process of assisting British customers to develop new products, the products are very difficult, almost reaching the casting limit of silica sol precision casting, so customers are very cautious when choosing suppliers

  • Receiving customers to inspect the factory

    In order to let customers to see our factory and technological process more intuitively, understand Densen's products, and see our professionalism

  • Keep moving with Densen - Zhang Yongxing

    Zhang Yongxing Purchasing engineers are always very important roles in Densen Group, responsible to guarantee the orders be completed in good quality, quantity and timely delivery . Zhang Yongxing joined Densen in 2016 and has rich work experience, he treat company’s principle “quality and customer service is everything ”as his working habit.

  • Keep moving with Densen - Li Lei

    Li Lei CTOThe hero of this story is the CTO of our company, who is responsible for the management and control of the company's technical level. He has 18 years of experience in the machinery industry and foreign trade industry, and his professionalism is reflected everywhere in his work.In the dail

  • Densen Group checks the quality of the products in the factory daily

    Densen Group focus on customers' needs, provide the best customized solutions,create maximum value for customers continuously.


    2022.4.30, the 31st anniversary of the founding of Densen Group.31 years ago, the 1992 was a significant year. The fourth census was successfully completed. At that time, China had a population of 1.13 billion, China won its first prize in the International Winter Olympics. Other than that, the Nati

  • Densen Group's first badminton competition in 2020 was a complete success

    Densen Group, as China top investment casting company, held a badminton competition. In this competition, we harvested sweat and happiness. Throuth the covid-19 virus,we know the importance of health.After keeping health,we can work harder in the future to bring customers more effective Interests.

  • Letter to Dear Customers and Friends

    Dear As COVID-19 continues to spread globally ,Densen Group wants to reassure our valued customers that we are taking this situation very seriously .The health of our employees,our customers,and their families is ,and continue to be ,our highest priority. During the past weeks ,we already sent our

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