Lantian (Investment casting & Machining)
Relationship to Densen Group: sister factory
Established in 1997 ● Located in Zhuanghe, China
● Factory area: 19000m2 ● Employee numbers: 400
● Annual capacity: 5,000 tons ● Processes: Casting, Machining
● Material handled: Cast steel, alloy steel, wear-resistantheat-resistant steel ● Certificates:  ISO9001:2000
Each part can be tracked. All processes strictly followed up by ISO9001 specification.
Has 3 workshops: investment casting (silicon-glue), lost wax casting (water-glass), precision machining
Material handled incl. carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel. Weights handled from 0.05Kg-100Kg
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   Add: Floor 14, New Fortune Building, No. 30 Xinghua Bei Street,Tiexi District., Shenyang, 110021, China