Water Glass Casting

Water glass casting (which also called sodium silicate casting) is a technology of Russian origin. This technology is mostly used for steel and stainless steel components. By using this technique more complex designs can be made compared to the sand casting technique. it is for big size products more interesting, compared to silica sol castings, however less precise in dimensions.Water glass (sodium silicate) is used to cure the ceramic layers. This substance is added to the crusher wear parts.It is then placed in a bath with a water chloride solution. The water glass  reacts to this solution in the bath, thereby curing the layer. This layering process is repeated a number of times until the layer is sufficiently thick enough for pouring. If necessary, a smoother casting surface can be achieved by using the first ceramic layers as it is used in the silica sol technique. Only it will take longer to make the shell.


Water glass casting refers to the process in which water glass is added into the molding materials in proportion (usually silica sand) and then gets stirred and mixed for 6-8 min, and then grind into “sodium silicate-bonded sand”. Then the sand is put into the mould boxes in which CO2 has been much blown into. CO2 starts the chemical reaction with the water glass to form the silica gel which hardens the sodium silicate-bonded sand. Then the whole casting process is complete after drawing,mood assembling and pouring procedures.

Water glass casting is widely applied throughout all kinds of departments of the national economy such as automobile castings, engineering machinery castings, agricultural machinery castings, motor castings, elevator castings, fire control, metal castings and ship castings. As for the agricultural machinery castings, there are a lot of machines and accessories made through the water glass casting like the principal axis of draught fans and parts of the tractors.

Parameters of Water Glass Casting

Applicable Material cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel, nodular cast iron, high chromium iron, high manganese steel,alloy steel
Material Standard GB, ASTM, AISI, DIN, BS, JIS, NF, EN, AS, ARR
Weight 0.02kg-25kg
Tolerance CT 5~7
Surface Roughness Ra 6.3
Annual Output 10000T
Application Auto, motorcycle,valve, marine, machine tools, hardware,railway, gear,impeller, pump, reducer, motor, mining machinery, engineering machinery, transmission machinery, forestry machinery, communal facility, etc.
Drawings software Pro/E, Auto CAD, Solidwork, CAXA UG, CAD/CAM/CAE.
Machining Turning, milling, drilling, grinding, threading ,NC, etc.
Finishing Sand blasting, polishing, plating, acid treatment, anodizing, painting, etc.