About Us

Design Team

Densen Group can help you to minimise the cost, time and risk involved in progressing a concept design through to full scale production. Using high level software to simulate casting manufacture, our design engineers can optimise designs to facilitate the production of components to the required specifications at the lowest cost. We have the range of skills needed to support total project management of castings procurement, assisting you with: 
•  Design optimisation 
•  Material selection 
•  Process selection 
•  Procurement specifications 
•  Surveillance and manufacture
•  Quatity Assurance
•  Delivery

Project Management team

Densen Group offers professional project management and provides you with guidance from the initial idea to the finished product. We ensure that your project schedule is transparent and guarantee the highest level of quality for our customers.


Quality Assurance Team

Access to a wide range of specialised testing equipment gives us the flexibility to respond rapidly to specific requirements, which an organisation that relied on regular contract testing might not. We consultants provide high levels of practical advice and solve clients’ problems, based on our own manufacturing experience, in addition to providing straight forward laboratory analysis. We have a team of manufacturing specialists and non-destructive testing operators who can discover the root causes of failures and how to prevent them in future. They have range of casting forging machining and welding-specific qualifications and a vast knowledge of related processes and alloys.