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As OEM manufacture, Densen not only manufacture and source products as per customers’ drawings/ prints, but also provide technical support, production all-time supervision and quality track service. The products cover the application of oil & gas, folk lifts, mining machinery, power generation, engineering machinery, transportation, food machinery, farm machinery, pumps, valves and fittings etc., industries.
The product single weight could be from 0.01KGS to 240,000KGS.
The processes could be casting, forging, stamping, machining, welding & fabrication. The material could be various steel, iron and non-ferrous.

OEM products solutions Details :
Industries Relevant parts we supplied to our worldwide customers
Oil & gas industry Gearbox house and lid, cylinder box, bushings, gland rings, goosenecks, pistons, coat collars, Hammer Union, centralizer casing, flanges etc.
Folk lifts industry Center key, lower hooks, washers,
Mining machinery, Liners, Roller assembly, trunnion and trunnion head, hubs etc.,
Power generation Transformer fork and rollers, caster wheels
Engineering machinery Shafts, sufbang, forging rod, stamping groove, stamping plate
Transportation industry Container lock parts
Food machinery Flow housing, vent tube
Farm(Agriculture) machinery Plow support brackets, driving parts R, driving parts L, upper arms, close tines etc.,
Pumps industry Closed impeller, open impeller, pump body, pump housing etc.,
Valve industry Assembled ball valves and other valve parts: bonnet, body, stem, pistons, O-ring, discs , handwheel etc.,
Swimming pool field anchor assembly ,stanchion anchor
Medical equipment Leg base, hinge blocks,
Turbocharger field Turbine housing, turbine exhaust manifold, turbine middle parts, turbine hubs etc.
Auto industry Metal cores, dampers, hubs, Housing,
Test equipment Load test block
Other industry parts to be continued