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About Us

Densen Group Brief

Until 2021, Densen Group has 5 sub-factories, 50+ sub-contractors and 1 marketing and sales companyhas strong ability to offer professional technical and process design, pattern making, products manufacturing and supply for customized casting, forging, stamping, machining, welding and fabrication metal components for worldwide customers.

Densen Group has more than 27 years manufacturing experiences and 11 years direct export experiences. 50% of the products have been sold to top 500 listed 
customers in the field of forklifts, agricultural, medical, aerospace, catering, auto, train, oil & gas, construction, resources, etc. such as Bridgestone, GM, Simens, CRRC, ToyotoFesco…

Products single weights ranges:
Castings: 0.01 Kg to 100 tons;
Forgings: 0.1Kg-50toms; Welding & fabrication: 5Kg-20 tons;
machining: 0.001Kg-100 tons
Material: Steel, iron, non-ferrous metal