• Types of Molds for Aluminum Casting

    There are many types of molds for aluminum casting that are used in casting molten aluminum into different shapes and forms. Some molds are temporary, and others are permanent and can be used repeatedly. These same types of molds are also used for many different metals and alloys besides aluminum.Sa

  • Centrifugal Castings

    Densen Group’s centrifugal casting process is often the most cost effective technology for producing very high quality ring, tube and cylindrical shaped castings with exceptional material properties and soundness, similar to forgings.Cost savings are achieved by casting close to the finish dimension

  • The advantages and disadvantages of lost foam casting

    Lost-foam casting is a type of evaporative-pattern casting process that is similar to investment casting except foam is used for the pattern instead of wax . This process takes advantage of the low boiling point of foam to simplify the investment casting process by removing the need to melt the wax

  • Which kind of alloys can be used in lost wax casting process?

    Lost wax casting process is suitable for almost all the ferrous and nonferrous materials. As a professional investment casting manufacturer, SIMIS can make both ferrous and non ferrous lost wax castings for our customers. Now we would like to introduce what alloys can be poured in lost wax casting p

  • Centrifugal Castings--What is Centrifugal Casting?

    Centrifugal CastingsWhat is Centrifugal Casting?Centrifugal casting is a process that delivers castings of very high material soundness, and thus is the technology of choice for applications like jet engine compressor cases, petrochemical furnace tubes, many military products, and other high-reliabi

  • Gravity Die Casting

    Our gravity die casting foundry is set up to ensure we offer our customers competitive prices and excellent quality. We can produce gravity die castings in aluminium and zinc up to a weight of 25Kg. All our operators follow precise work instructions to ensure quality is consistently repeated.Due to

  • Silica Sol Casting

    Why Silica Sol for Investment Casting?Silica sol is a kind of milky colloid. Since the colloid grains are minute (10-20micrometer) and have relatively large surface area, so they do not affect the natural color of materials to be covered. Silica sol is mutually soluble with water , but not with orga

  • What principles should be followed in selecting casting methods?

    What principles should be followed in selecting casting methods?Casting method:The various casting have different methods, the commonly used is sand casting, the second is the special casting method, such as: metal casting, investment casting, gypsum casting...And so on. And sand casting can be divi

  • Strong magnetic separator magnetic effect factors

    Strong magnetic magnetic separator is mainly used to remove miscellaneous stone, improve quality, achieve sales.Weak magnetic equipment lean manganese ore, lean hematite, limonite, non-ferrous metal ore or slag separation, purification, concentrated in the ore and miscellaneous stone separation, thu

  • Laser reflow welding

    The perfect spot welding paste system, it can according to the heating demand of different products, use of various techniques to complete the solder joint welding.And other similar heating method, the misuse of laser energy is easy to burn out parts.Laser heater take full advantage of the character

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