• Sand Casting

    Cast Iron & Steel Sand Casting FoundrySand casting uses green sand (moist sand) or dry sand to form the molding systems. The green sand casting is the oldest casting process used in history, while the dry sand casting could be divided into lost foam casting and vacuum casting. When making the mold,

  • The difference between silica sol casting and water glass casting

    Investment casting usually refers to making a pattern from a fusible material, coating several layers of refractory material on the surface of the pattern to make a shell, and then melting the pattern and discharging the shell to obtain a mold without a parting surface. After high-temperature roasti

  • About Die Casting

    Die Casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity. The mold cavity is created using two hardened tool steel dies which have been machined into shape and work similarly to an injection mold during the process. Most die castings

  • Carbon Steel Investment Casting Process

    All cutting dimensions are checked with a CMM. We have Rockwell hardness machine, dynamic balancing instrument, roundness meter, etc. The company's quality department has certified staff for UT, PT and MT testing.

  • What is Machining?

    Definition of MachiningMachining is the process of changing the external dimensions or properties of a workpiece by means of a mechanical device.The work process is the basic unit that makes up the machining process. A process is a (or a group of) workers, on a machine tool (or a workplace), on the

  • What is Silica Sol Investment Casting?

    Silica sand casting is a casting process that uses silica sand (silica solution) as a binder to make the mould. Metal castings produced by the silica sand casting process have a fine surface and high accuracy, and the general dimensional tolerance is up to CT4 - CT6. This process is RMC's main inves

  • What is Forging?

    DEFINITIONForging is the manufacturing process in which metal is shaped by hammering, pressing or rolling. This is done either by a hammer, press or die. It is essentially the art of heating hot metal and shaping it into a form suitable for a particular purpose or use. Working the material improves

  • Stainless Steel Castings Process

    Stainless Steel Castings ProcessWith over 30 years of experience in the stainless steel casting industry, Densen Group provides customers with high quality stainless steel investment castings. Are you looking for a quality casting manufacturer? Do not hesitate to contact us.Stainless Steel Investmen

  • What is Gravity Die Casting?

    How does the gravity die casting process work? Gravity die casting is one of the earliest invented processes of metal and light alloy die casting. In this fully automated process, molten metal is poured directly from the ladle into a semi-permanent or permanent mold. The goal is to fill the mold wit

  • What is Investment Casting?

    What is investment casting? Introduction of investment casting processInvestment casting, also known as precision casting or lost wax casting, is a manufacturing process of molding disposable ceramic molds with wax molds. The wax mold is made according to the precise shape of the casting. The model

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