• New Densen starts the fouth quarter kick-off meeting

    New Densen starts the fouth quarter kick-off meeting
    Never underestimate your power to change yourself!

  • What principles should be followed in selecting casting methods?

    What principles should be followed in selecting casting methods?Casting method:The various casting have different methods, the commonly used is sand casting, the second is the special casting method, such as: metal casting, investment casting, gypsum casting...And so on. And sand casting can be divi

  • The two ways train China-Europe set off

    A special train whistled and set sail on the Shengyang East Station. It is special beacuse the end of the train is Europe.

  • Seeking Dreams in Shenzhen and Guangzhou

    Shenyang New Densen Casting and Forging company which is a professional leader of China Castings, Forgings and Machining with reasonable price always pursues high quality and establish our company with the fastest growth

  • Strong magnetic separator magnetic effect factors

    Strong magnetic magnetic separator is mainly used to remove miscellaneous stone, improve quality, achieve sales.Weak magnetic equipment lean manganese ore, lean hematite, limonite, non-ferrous metal ore or slag separation, purification, concentrated in the ore and miscellaneous stone separation, thu

  • Laser reflow welding

    The perfect spot welding paste system, it can according to the heating demand of different products, use of various techniques to complete the solder joint welding.And other similar heating method, the misuse of laser energy is easy to burn out parts.Laser heater take full advantage of the character

  • The classification of the forging equipment

    According to different transmission mode, the forging equipment can be divided into the hammer, hydraulic press, crank press, rotary forging machine, and screw press.China currently adopts pneumatic hammer is made up of 30 ~ 1000 kilograms, steam air from 1 ~ 5 tons of free forging hammer, used for

  • The commonly used purification methods before casting aluminum ingots

    Due to the electric tank of liquid aluminum zhongyou many impurities, so it is necessary to filter before casting aluminum ingots.It is understood that the commonly used way includes: first, the solvent in solvent purification method is used to participate in the solution, the solvent has a small de

  • Types and characteristics of forging

    When the temperature exceeds 300-400 ℃ (steel blue brittle zone), 700-800 ℃, the deformation resistance will decrease sharply deformation can also get great improvement.According to the different forging temperature area, in view of the different quality of forgings and forging process requirements,

  • Pipe welding will enter a "laser welding" era

    On December 30, 2016, China petroleum pipeline bureau is responsible for the oil and gas pipeline girth weld of major progress was made in the laser/arc welding technology research, CPP became the first international attempt to oil and gas pipeline girth weld laser/composite welding arc used in long

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