• The classification of the forging equipment

    According to different transmission mode, the forging equipment can be divided into the hammer, hydraulic press, crank press, rotary forging machine, and screw press.China currently adopts pneumatic hammer is made up of 30 ~ 1000 kilograms, steam air from 1 ~ 5 tons of free forging hammer, used for

  • The commonly used purification methods before casting aluminum ingots

    Due to the electric tank of liquid aluminum zhongyou many impurities, so it is necessary to filter before casting aluminum ingots.It is understood that the commonly used way includes: first, the solvent in solvent purification method is used to participate in the solution, the solvent has a small de

  • Types and characteristics of forging

    When the temperature exceeds 300-400 ℃ (steel blue brittle zone), 700-800 ℃, the deformation resistance will decrease sharply deformation can also get great improvement.According to the different forging temperature area, in view of the different quality of forgings and forging process requirements,

  • Pipe welding will enter a "laser welding" era

    On December 30, 2016, China petroleum pipeline bureau is responsible for the oil and gas pipeline girth weld of major progress was made in the laser/arc welding technology research, CPP became the first international attempt to oil and gas pipeline girth weld laser/composite welding arc used in long

  • Surface treatment of aluminum alloy casting

    Aluminum alloy castings has been widely used, its in order to better use and improve the quality of aluminum alloy castings used, we can through some surface treatment methods, to improve the quality of aluminum alloy castings and surface utilization rate, the common way of surface treatment of alum

  • Machine motor maintenance five measures

    Magnetic separator is one of the important mineral processing equipment, mainly used in ferrous metal mineral, iron ore magnetic separation;Nonferrous and precious metal collection - tungsten tin, copper molybdenum separation, separation of copper lead;Heavy media separation of magnetic magnetic sep

  • The characteristics of the track ball valve of imports

    Import orbit ball valve is suitable for the petrochemical industry, liquefied petroleum gas storage, oil refineries, natural gas, compressor, oil and gas pipeline system, light industry, textile and other industries.Import the characteristics of the track ball valve:1, the opening and closing withou

  • 9 ni steel welding process

    9 Ni steel is w (Ni) is 8.5% ~ 9.5% of low carbon martensite is a cryogenic steel size, is a kind of excellent material used in the manufacture of LNG storage tank.9 ni steel welding, appropriate USES string cable energy, multilayer multipass welding, without preheating before welding, but need to c

  • System of powder forging technology

    Traditional ordinary die forging and machining method has been difficult to meet today's cars, motorcycles and other industrial production of high quality, high precision, high efficiency, low consumption and low cost requirements.Powder forging process is powder metallurgy process and organic combi

  • Casting mold parts processing

    Part in all kinds of technical requirements on the one hand, influence on the performance of the parts work, on the other hand, is directly related to the economy and feasibility of the manufacturing process.What are often asked casting mold parts processing technical requirements, the following sim

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