• Magnetic separator into the water

    Magnetic separator is one of the important factors affecting the service life of magnetic separator, the water caused by loose it may be because the operator check, may also is a problem of repair quality, so how to prevent and reduce the phenomenon of magnetic separator into the water?Dry magnetic

  • How to distinguish between nodular cast iron and cast steel valve valves

    Nodular cast iron and cast steel valve will be screw up a lot of people, don't know which is which, the following is to introduce the difference between these two kinds of valves.1. See nodular cast iron and cast steel valve how to distinguish the machining surface of grey: it is gray, the luster is

  • Forged steel gate valve at low temperature

    Forged steel cryogenic valves there are two kinds of cover design form.The first is a bolted bonnet, according to the form design of the valve, the valve body and bonnet connected by bolt and nut, spiral wound gasket (31 6 clamp flexible graphite manufacturing) seal.When customers have special requi

  • What are the laser welding process requirements

    What are the laser welding process requirement, welding process requirement basically has the following three points:Welding process requirement 1: optical power.Laser welding of a threshold, the laser energy density is lower than this value, the penetration is very shallow, once reach or exceed thi

  • Centrifugal casting process characteristics

    There are many kinds of casting technology, the following is to introduce the centrifugal casting technology.1. The definition of centrifugal castingCentrifugal casting, the liquid metal is poured into the mold of rotation, and then under the action of centrifugal, cast metal solidification in casti

  • The working process of the magnetic separator

    Magnetic separator should be a lot of people know, but magnetic separator few people can know the specific work of process, the following is to introduce you to introduce what are the specific work process of magnetic separator.1. Magnetic separator before work must check each operator is normal, th

  • The common malfunction solutions pneumatic three-way ball valve

    The pneumatic three-way ball valve is usually with a rubber, nylon, and ptfe as seat sealing material, therefore its use temperature is limited by seat sealing material.As function of ball valve is on the metal sphere under the action of medium, the pressure to complete each other between the plasti

  • Welding net splicing welding points

    Assembling and welding for welding ball rack is a very important step, only to master the correct stitching welding method can guarantee the safety of the welding net, so in order to welding net safety quality, you need butt welding ball rack splicing welding points of understanding.A assembling, we

  • Forging way

    According to the movement of the forging die, forging pendulum is rolling, can divide again for rotary forging, roll forging, cross wedge rolling, ring rolling and skew rolling, etc.Pendulum is rolling, forging and ring rolling forging process is also available.In order to improve the utilization ra

  • The advantages of die casting sand fold line

    Sand casting is one of the casting, sand casting mold used generally made from a mix of sand mold and core.Because of sand mold casting molding materials used in the cheap, simple mould manufacturing, piece of casting production, the batch production and mass production are able to adapt to, for a l

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