Silicon Sol Process in Precision Casting Applications

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Silicon Sol Process in Precision Casting Applications

Silicon sol process belongs to investment casting, is a kind of less cutting or no cutting casting process and an excellent technology in the foundry industry, also called Silicon sol investment casting, its application is very wide. It is not only suitable for various types, various alloys of casting,and the castings produced have higher dimensional accuracy and surface quality than other casting methods, even other casting methods are difficult to cast complex, heat-resistant, and the castings that are not easy to machine, They can all be cast using investment casting.

Modern investment casting method in industrial production to get practical application is in the 1940s in the twentieth century.The development of aviation jet engines at that time required the manufacture of heat-resistant alloy parts such as blades, impellers, nozzles, and other parts with complex shapes, precise dimensions, and smooth surfaces. Since heat-resistant alloy materials are difficult to machine and the shapes of the parts are so complex that they cannot be or are difficult to be manufactured by other methods, it is necessary to search for a new precise molding process,so drawing on the lost wax casting handed down from ancient times, through the improvement of material and process, the modern investment casting method has gained important development on the basis of the ancient process. Therefore, the development of aviation industry promotes the application of investment casting, and the continuous improvement and perfection of investment casting also creates favorable conditions for the aviation industry to further improve the performance.

In the use of Silicon sol investment casting, will effectively make its hydraulic metal can better fill the cavity, replicate the shape of the cavity, improve the casting accuracy, to prevent the defects of pore and under pouring.

Crystallization under pressure in Silicon sol investment casting in use will effectively put its shell in the pressure tank for casting,when the product is completed, it will immediately close the pressure tank, when in use will be injected into the pressure tank of high-pressure air or inert gas, so that the casting under pressure solidification, in order to increase the casting of the densification.

Silicon sol precision casting is using its hot type gravity casting, in the process of using, this casting form is more applied.After taking out the type shell from the roasting furnace, it will be carried out in high temperatures by casting.

Directional crystallization in Silicon sol investment casting, in the process of use, some investment castings such as its magnets and turbine blades, etc., if their crystalline organization is arranged in accordance with a certain direction of the columnar crystals, their performance can be improved a lot, thus,the directional crystallization technology for investment casting is rapidly developing.


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