Introduction about Our strengthen--Silica Sol Casting

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  Silica sol casting, a precision casting process based on lost wax melt casting, where the shell coating is made of silica-sol. It’s also a common process which was chosen by many customers to make meat grinder parts, pump parts, valve parts, marine hardware, and other precision parts. So what’s the strengthen of this process? How to find out which process is better for you?Let’s learn about it!

  Firstly, the accuracy of the castings produced with silica sol precision casting compared to the traditional lost wax casting method such as water glass, it has the lower surface roughness, the smaller machining allowance, and even the cutting-free machining can be achieved.


  Secondly, as for the traditional sand casting, lost wax casting, it’s hard to handle the complex structure of shaped casting parts. Then silica sol precision casting can help you support a wide range of casting products with complex structure.

  Thirdly, widely casting materials, the main casting materials are stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, etc.

  Fourthly, the high dimensional accuracy and surface finish of the silicone sol process makes it possible to reduce machining work, even to the extent of leaving only grinding and polishing allowances for some castings, thus saving man-hours and the consumption of metal raw materials.


  Above are the advantages of our silicone sol process, feel free to send us your inquiry if you needs:)