Carbon Steel Investment Casting Process

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Carbon Steel Investment Casting Process

Densen has more than 30 years of experience in the carbon steel casting industry, supplying customers with high quality carbon steel castings.

Each process of carbon steel investment casting is carried out in strict accordance with Standard Operation Procedure (SOP). The main process of carbon steel investment casting is as follows: casting simulation, mold development, raw material inspection, wax pattern, shell preparation, metal casting, cleaning and heat treatment, inspection, storage packing and shipping.


Mold Development

The technical department develops the mold and the quality department uses the three coordinates to carry out the dimensional control.

Wax Pattern

The workshop uses automatic waxing machines to adjust wax pressure, holding time, etc. to produce high-quality samples.

Shell Preparation

The workshop has nearly 10 automated production lines with an annual output of more than 1,300 sets of shells. We monitor humidity, temperature and concentration of the liquid aluminum chloride with a thermo-hygrometer, barometer and PH.


Metal Pouring

Operators conduct rigorous testing to meet material requirements.

Clean And Heat Treat

The workshop is well-equipped with multiple large-scale mechanical equipment


All cutting dimensions are checked with a CMM. We have Rockwell hardness machine, dynamic balancing instrument, roundness meter, etc. The company's quality department has certified staff for UT, PT and MT testing.