• Sand Casting

    Cast Iron & Steel Sand Casting FoundrySand casting uses green sand (moist sand) or dry sand to form the molding systems. The green sand casting is the oldest casting process used in history, while the dry sand casting could be divided into lost foam casting and vacuum casting. When making the mold,

  • Densen Group Aluminum Die Casting

    When you’re in the process of designing an aluminum part, it is essential to consider which manufacturing process you’ll use to produce it. There are various methods for forming aluminum, and aluminum die casting is one of the most common options for designers to consider.Aluminum die casting is the


    2022.4.30, the 31st anniversary of the founding of Densen Group.31 years ago, the 1992 was a significant year. The fourth census was successfully completed. At that time, China had a population of 1.13 billion, China won its first prize in the International Winter Olympics. Other than that, the Nati

  • Why Choose Us for Custom CNC Machining?

    Fast and Reliably DeliveryIterate part designs quickly and accelerate product development with quick-turn parts. Our automated design analysis will help spot any difficult to machine features before your design is sent to the manufacturing floor and save you from costly reworks further down the prod

  • Gravity Die Casting Process

    Gravity Casting Process for Automotive & Transportation Parts & Components When it comes to automotive parts and transportation components, you need to partner with a foundry who has the strongest, best quality, most effective, and most reliable equipment and materials. This is why we utilize prove

  • Gravity Casting and Forging

    Gravity Casting and Forging When selecting a process to produce a metal component, chances are a buyer will come across a staggering range of manufacturing methods to consider. Casting and forging are the most prevalent metalworking process for steel and iron products. Each metal manufacturing metho

  • Die Casting

    An Overview of Die CastingDie casting is the manufacturing process of choice when producing high volumes of relatively complex metal parts. Die cast parts are made in steel molds, similar to those used in injection molding, but use low melting point metals such as aluminum and zinc instead of plasti

  • Machining products

    Machining productsDensen Group is the machining manufactures for cast iron and cast aluminum parts.We are able to manufacture various OEM machining products upon the customer’s request. Our machining is made of high-quality raw material, processed by high tech and skillful workers, and under quality

  • Steel Casting

    Casting Steel FoundryRecognized as one of the trustful and reliable steel casting manufacturers and suppliers, Densen Group serves the world need of steel casting parts and assure to bring high quality products and deliver on time in every deal.At our steel foundry, we mainly process piece of carbon steel an

  • How to make sand casting molds? (For foundries and DIY)

    How to make sand casting molds? (For foundries and DIY)

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