You are such welding stainless steel?

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The use of stainless steel is becoming more common, no matter in life or production, so to understand his need to be more thorough, to explore the stainless steel welding methods commonly used in this paper.
 You are such welding stainless steel
First of all, the manual welding.Manual welding is a kind of special common, common, is also the welding method of operation is simple and easy to use.Arc length can rely on the operator manual for reasonable adjustment, the adjustment is according to the requirements of the electrode and the gaps between the welding of the workpiece, according to the size of the gap by adjusting the length of the arc.Welding stainless steel electrode not only can be used as a tool, at the same time, in certain cases it may serve as an effective weld filler material.And this kind of material, can better joint stainless steel workpiece, achieve better compatibility.
 You are such welding stainless steel
Second, gas metal arc welding.Metal gas shielded arc welding is a kind of automatic gas shielded arc welding.In the process of using this method, the arc under the constraint of shielding gas, welding between the wire and stainless steel workpiece burn.Mechanical welding equipment into the wire electrode of a root, through arc melt into liquid under the stainless steel.In view of universality and particularity of the MAG welding method and some special performance, is the most widely used stainless steel welding industry a welding method.And, because it has many advantages, for a long time also must have a wide range of welding method.
 You are such welding stainless steel
Once again, tungsten inert gas protection welding.In this kind of method of use, tungsten arc generated in the stable electric wire and stainless steel material artifacts, the welding protective gas for argon, adopted by the automatic welding equipment into the wire itself is not charged. Wire can also be manually send, but there is a certain risk.Under some specific conditions, do not need to wire, need to welding of stainless steel material to determine whether the use of direct current (dc).If using dc, tungsten electric wire must be set to the anode, because its penetration ability is very strong, for various kinds of stainless steel have good welding effect.

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