What principles should be followed in selecting casting methods?

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What principles should be followed in selecting casting methods?

Casting method:The various casting have different methods, the commonly used is sand casting, the second is the special casting method, such as: metal casting, investment casting, gypsum casting...And so on. And sand casting can be divided into clay sand type, organic binder sand type, resin self-hard sand mold, 

disappearing mold and so on.

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Principle of casting method selection:

1. Sand casting is preferred, the main reason is that sand casting is cheaper than other casting methods, simple production process and short production cycle. When green sand cannot meet the requirement, consider using clay sand table drysand mould, dry sand type or other sand mould.The cast weight of clay wet sand casting can range from a few kilograms to dozens of kilograms, while the casting of clay dry type can weigh tens of tons.

2.The casting method should adapt to the production batch.Low pressure casting, die-casting, centrifugal casting and other casting methods are only suitable for mass production due to the high cost of equipment and moulds.

3.The molding method should be suitable for factory conditions. For example, it is also used to produce castings such as large machine tools, which usually adopt the core molding method, not to make the appearance and the sandbox, and the core in the pit.In addition, the other factory adopts the sand box modeling method to make the appearance.Different enterprise production conditions (including equipment, sites, staff quality, etc.), production habits, accumulated the experience of each different, what should be considered according to these conditions suitable for products and is not suitable for (or not) to do the product.

4. The accuracy and cost of casting should be considered.