Wet magnetic separator equipment in the tub

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Magnetic separator is the most widely used in industry, high universality, one of the models used to recycle powder granule of removing iron powder, magnetic separator is widely used in recycling, timber industry, mining, ceramics, chemical, food, and other works.Magnetic separator is suitable for the size 3 mm below the magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore and ilmenite wet magnetic separation of materials, also used in coal, non-metallic mineral, building materials and other materials in addition to iron.
According to ore of dry and wet classification can be divided into: dry magnetic separator and wet type magnetic separator, wet type magnetic separator the same cylinder with three different forms of tub or counter-current tub, downstream tub, half counter-current tub.
Wet magnetic separator equipment in the tub
(1) half counter-current type
Pulp into the direction the same as the cylinder to half, half instead, and downstream difference is pulp in tank run in a circle.Because pulp were dispersed water into SongSanZhuang, can prevent the inclusions, and pulp with the direction of the magnetic force, is conducive to recycling 0.5 0 mm due to strong magnetic ore coarse and fine, scavenging epsilon beta are higher, pulp surface is smooth, so don't stable.So the application more widely.
(2) the counter-current type
Pulp into the direction and the tube to the contrary, concentrate on one side of a feed, tailings and on the other side.Strong magnetic minerals used in 0.6 0 mm thick, scavenging, epsilon high (because of the tailings discharge point far from the feeding mouth, choose don't fully) but low beta (due to the differential magnetic double function).
Wet magnetic separator equipment in the tub
(3) type downstream  
Pulp into the direction the same as the cylinder steering, concentrate on the other side, tailings discharge directly in the bottom and commonly used in 6-0 mm strong magnetic mineral coarse, select, epsilon beta high (because of the strong magnetic double function) but unfavorable processing fine (for cylinder to pulp relative speed is low, poor cleaning effect).
That is about the tub classification and application of wet magnetic separator equipment characteristics related to introduce, hope to be able to help home.