Welding wear three factors

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In the welding industry, welding wear has been plagued by many workers, let's take a look at what factors consumables wear have it!
1. The material, when non-metallic debris present in Congo, the inclusions are brittle and in particular with edges and corners, under the action of force, the force is concentrated in the sharp corners, far more than the base material able to withstand the force limits material hardening caused by microscopic cracks, which are due to accelerated fatigue wear due to plastic deformation.
 Welding wear three factors
2. hardness under normal circumstances, the higher the hardness, the harder crack initiation, to extend the service life of the material. But in oily conditions, the main factors affecting the fatigue life of fatigue crack propagation stage. The higher the hardness, the more prone to abrasion, crack faster.
 Welding wear three factors
3. The surface roughness of machined surface is not ideal smooth surface, the part is in contact with the heavy beat of a small area of the above, and instantly generate a lot of force, not only easily lead to adhesive wear, corrosion and many micro view will produce, promote the formation of macroscopic pitting crack source. Therefore, the surface roughness to reduce fatigue for extended wear life have a good role in promoting.
Is more than three points in the welding industry has been plagued everyone impact consumables wear factors in the past can help to you!

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