Welding the weld metal rust treatment and solution

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A lot of metal in the process of heat treatment, welding seam will send first very good have rust phenomenon, in order to good to continue treatment process, we need to weld rust for the processing of detail, the standard network according to the understanding for the corresponding processing way, and problem solving methods.
Welding the weld metal rust treatment and solution
Weld metal rust treatment:
1, pickling without cracks in acid neutralization or with incomplete, phosphating chemical conversion film is not entirely easy to rust.Spread of the coating for a period of time after rust overflow cracks.
2, the acid pickling, strong alkaline degreasing process, residue in the cracks of drug after each other and not washed clean.Cracks after dry place with white products.Coating for a period of time, these white products, with the corrosive medium in the air to produce chemical reaction and overflow cracks.
Welding the weld metal rust treatment and solution
Weld metal rust problem solution:
1, the weak alkaline degreasing should be used in degreasing, not contain alkaloid, TAL to control at about 15 point, PH can't more than 13.
2, pickling using sulfuric acid.Pickling time cannot too long, it is best to use phosphate
3, best with 1 ~ 2 sodium carbonate neutralization after acid pickling.
4, surface adjustment is best with oxalic acid, using concentration of 1 ~ 2.
5, zinc phosphating acidity to the ceiling, dip concentration: TA: more than 35.FA: 1.2 AC: 8 (20 cc fermentation tubes).
6, every washing process you will be clean, water to keep the overflow.
Welding the weld metal rust treatment and solution
That is in the process of welding metal weld rust to deal with some of the ways, hope can help to you.

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