Welding net splicing welding points

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Assembling and welding for welding ball rack is a very important step, only to master the correct stitching welding method can guarantee the safety of the welding net, so in order to welding net safety quality, you need butt welding ball rack splicing welding points of understanding.
A assembling, welding net
1, in order to reduce the welding ball rack in the accumulated error in the process of assembling, a whole rack bottom chord assembly should be started, the center of vertical and horizontal shaft assembly first, correct size at any time, don't think the wrong time can from the center to expand, the requirement for diagonal (small units) permitted error of plus or minus 3 mm, lower chord node shift to 2 mm, the vertical and horizontal deviation shall not be more than plus or minus 2 mm.
2, after the whole bottom chord assembly inspection on geometry size, the application of theodolite calibration when necessary and use level of each point to adjust the height difference, and make records.
3, in order to facilitate the construction, improve the construction schedule, lower chord assembly before the CHS and the upper chord can be according to the drawings accordingly, handling in place.
4, upper chord of CHS and assembly should be fully assembled to lower chord ended, has very poor assembly on the basis of the measured, its method starting from the center of assembly, vertical and horizontal axis check geometry size, then turn around and refine the assembly.
5, rack assembly welding with three advisable, large diameter with four advisable, spot welding shall not be arbitrarily in the bar and node outside the junction of arc.
Welding net splicing welding points
Second, the welding
Rack after check the fastening, make space truss welding, welding operation platform fire asbestos board.Welding rods and the ball is one of the key working procedure of the whole network frame construction, the strength and quality of welding is very important to ensure the safety of the rack.
1, make the reasonable welding process, including the selection of reasonable groove shape, electrode diameter, welding current, welding form, welding parts cleaning, determine welding sequence and operation key, etc.After welding set, organize welder learning, memorizing process operation requirements.
2, the tube welding.Use "one-sided welding forming welding ball rack pipe butt weld" new technology, the way is: backing welding (including fixed spot welding) USES the phi 2.5 electrode, according to the welding position to adapt to choose the welding current, arc starting after just burn the edge of the groove is blunt dissolve dissolved pore, at the same time corresponding to burn to dissolve, the ball arc down again, so that when the melt in the hot condensate on the inner wall of the weld, in turn, behind a weld formation, to improve the efficiency, after several layers of weld from 3.2 ~ 3.2 repair welding electrode can be used to the specified level.Each weld after welding on the second floor, but the key is the first layer seam, should not only guarantee the root penetration, bring back the molding is good.To each of the weld is divided into four segments, symmetrical 1/4 circular arc welding first, then welding the remaining 2 1/4 circular arc, the second time welding sequence is the same as the first time, finish the whole network frame welding work cycle.
3, each weld are strictly forbidden to forming again, after welding the again welder must be around the weld and splash slag skin is clean, if there is a hole must be aborted repair welding, can make the second time welding, weld forming appearance should be beautiful, uniform, weld height should meet the design requirements.
Above is the splicing welding welding net points, this is the key to maintain welding net security, so it is important to note.

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