Tool used in the machining of stainless steel parts

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During the processing of stainless steel parts, the surface roughness of the cutting part of the tool can increase the surface finish of the cutting tool, which can reduce the resistance of chip forming and curling, and improve the durability of the tool. Compared with ordinary machining of carbon steel, stainless steel processing should be appropriate to reduce the cutting parameters in order to reduce the tool wear; also choose appropriate cooling and lubricating liquid, in order to reduce the cutting process of cutting heat and cutting force and prolong the service life of the cutter.
Tool used in the machining of stainless steel parts
When machining the stainless steel, the geometric parameters of the cutting tool should be considered. In the choice of the angle, to take into account the chip groove type, there is no inverted edge and edge angle of the size of the positive and negative factors. No matter what kind of tool, the processing of stainless steel must be used in the larger front angle. On the back angle selection should not be too small, but it should not be too large, too large, so that the wedge angle of the cutting tool to reduce the intensity of the cutting edge, accelerate the tool wear. Normally, the rear angle should be larger than that of the ordinary carbon steel.
Tool used in the machining of stainless steel parts
Machining of stainless steel cutter material, cutter bar must have sufficient strength and rigidity, in order to avoid in the process of cutting vibration and deformation. This requires the use of appropriate large cut area, but also should be used to produce high strength of the material, such as the use of quenched and tempered steel 45 or 50 steel.
Stainless steel parts in the processing of cutting tools for the requirements of the processing of stainless steel, the requirements of the cutting part of the material material with high wear resistance, and can maintain its cutting performance at high temperature. At present, the materials used are: high speed steel and hard alloy.
Tool used in the machining of stainless steel parts
Because the high speed steel can only maintain its cutting performance at 600 degrees C, it is not suitable for high speed cutting, but only for the processing of stainless steel at low speed. Because the hard alloy has better heat resistance and wear resistance than the high speed steel, the tool made of hard alloy material is more suitable for the cutting process of stainless steel.

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