Three big ball valve connection mode

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Three big ball valve connection believe there must be a lot of people are not very familiar with, let's together and see it.
 Three big ball valve connection mode
One, flange connection valves
Valve flange connection, the device and remove the contrast all convenient.But than the threaded connection valves heavy, corresponding quotation price is also high.So it is suitable for all kinds of sizes and pressure pipes.But, when the temperature beyond 350 degrees, because the bolts, gasket and flange is lax, also obviously drop bolt load, to force a lot of flange connecting leakage may occur.
 Three big ball valve connection mode
Two, threaded connection valves
This cohesion is generally in and out of the end into the valve cone tube or straight thread, can make its cohesion to the taper pipe nipple or road.Because this cohesion may appear larger leakage channel, so it can be used sealants, sealing adhesive tape or filler to block the channel.If the body of the material can be welded, but expansion coefficient difference is very big, maybe the large variations in temperature, screw thread connection part is necessary honey sealing.Threaded connection valves mainly nominal menstruation under 50 mm.If the size scale is too large, cohesive devices and seal is not easy.
To allow for easy disassembly of the device and the threaded connection valves, the piping system is available on the appropriate orientation of pipe joint.Under 50 mm nominal diameter of the valve, pipe fittings, tube socket, as can be applied to pipe socket threads will be joining the two parts together.
 Three big ball valve connection mode
Three, welding connection valves
This cohesion is suitable for all kinds of pressure and temperature, under the condition of the load moment when using, is even more important than the flange connection can be *.But the welding connection valve disassembly and device are difficult, so its use is limited to general can * to operation for a long time, or using the conditions of Dutch engraved, high temperature occasion.Such as coal-fired power stations, nuclear power engineering, ethylene project on the pipeline.
 Three big ball valve connection mode
Nominal diameter under 50 mm with general welding welding valve socket to accept the charge the pipeline on plane.Because the socket welding a gap between the pin and pipeline, and there has been some medium corrosion to perhaps make gap, exhaustion of pipe oscillation can make the connecting parts together, and the use of socket welding by constraints.
 Three big ball valve connection mode
In nominal diameter is bigger, use conditions of Dutch engraved, high temperature, the body is used for welding groove, and butt welding seam has the original request, it is necessary to choose skills excellent welding finished the job.
Above is the information about the three big ball valve connection mode, hoping to help to you.

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