The stability of welding arc

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Welding is a kind of form permanent connections between the material processing technology and technology, in a variety of welding methods, the most widely in the application of fusion welding, fusion welding, the main is arc welding. 
Arc welding with arc between the electrodes and the base as the main source of heat to melt welding wire (electrode) and the parent metal, formed on the parent metal molten pool and after cooling formation of weld.So as the main heat source of electric arc welding, arc to arc welding has a vital role. 
Arc stability refers to the stable combustion in the process of welding arc and to break the arc does not occur, the phenomenon such as magnetic blow.Stable combustion are characterized by their smooth melt dripping transition arc, arc arc length change is small, the advantages of short circuit fly is less, the weld penetration, weld width and high are more appropriate, weld moulding beauty, weld quality.On the contrary, if arc combustion instability, fly when the droplet transition irrigation is serious, poor weld forming, weld depth, and produce the defects such as porosity and slag, weld quality is low. 
Factors affecting the stability of arc welding power source type and characteristics, welding current, welding voltage, covering and flux composition and arc magnetic blow, the operator of proficiency and the clean degree of the surface will also impact on arc stability.
The stability of welding arc
In the production of measures to improve the stability of welding arc and the method is:
1, for welding method using ac power source, the arc stability problem is mainly current zero arc ignition difficulty again, can add pulse current or series inductance in the welding circuit to improve the stability of the arc. 
2, double wire welding wire have affection on the stability of arc, so double wire spacing to adjust properly.Also can use special current waveform such as double concave current waveform to solve the problem of electric arc stability. 
3, electrode arc stability agent is added to (wire), make an arc space ionization degree increased, the charged particles are more likely to produce, arc stability can be improved. 
4, welding in the industrial production and manufacturing, and play an important role in the construction of modernization, and is particularly important for welding quality monitoring, the arc stability is an important factor affecting the quality of welding.The stability of the arc to achieve the ideal state is not reality, so should make to minimize the influence of other factors on the stability of arc, thus improve the welding quality.