The mechanical manufacturing technology of the green

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Machinery manufacturing is to provide technology and equipment for various industrial production industry, the development of manufacturing industry to promote the development of industry and promote the construction and development of national economy.Machinery manufacturing is based on the development and utilization of natural resources on a large scale development, the development model greatly damage the ecological environment, influenced the sustainable development of industry, the concept of green manufacturing.
The feasibility of a green, mechanical manufacturing process
1 high and new technology to provide technical support for the green machinery manufacturing
The advanced mechanical manufacturing molding technology.In the concept of green production, machinery manufacturing technology has a new development, such as precision casting, such as direct deposit and cold extrusion molding technology has been widely used.Precision molding will be the future development direction of machining parts, and free to shape relative to the cutting process, with low energy consumption, low cost, short production cycle, the advantages of less pollution, more development space.
Rapid prototyping technology.Modern multimedia technology unceasing development, the invention of the three dimensional printing technology, greatly promote the development of the industries.Machinery manufacturing using the principle of the 3 d data by rapid prototyping machines layers of rapid processing raw materials into the machine products, the technology can be used without any abrasive tool, tool or cutting tool, with the help of rapid, accurate, directly in the production of a variety of shapes and complex parts, less excess stock, save resources, improve the economic benefit of enterprise.
The mechanical manufacturing technology of the green
Cold ring rolling technology.Technology used in the early cold rolling precision due to the limit, the technology application scope is limited to forming and grinding expansion, and the development of numerical control technology has greatly promoted the application of this technology.Technical principle mainly by rolling wheel in the production of products within the outer contour, mold in the production of products within the contour, mechanical action will be squeezed together, both in aided by continuous rolling of ring wall, make the product diameter thinning, molding.Cold grinding technology is not affected by pressure, and reduces the process steps and can achieve the purpose of saving raw materials.
2 green idea in the application of mechanical manufacturing process
Machinery manufacturing greening design stage.Mechanical reflect the first phase of the application of green manufacturing technology for the design phase, at the beginning of design for product, should give full consideration to the product should be paid attention to in the production process of all kinds of environmental problems, and energy saving, environmental protection as the main principle of design.For example, the selection of materials of products, product structure optimization, production technology selection, remove the maintenance design, transportation, use, scrap disposal, etc., in different stages of the design scheme should be harmonious and unified, make the product manufacture and use of the whole process in the aspect of energy conservation and emissions reduction achieved optimization, realizing green production.
The mechanical manufacturing technology of the green
Green machinery manufacturing process.Machinery in the production process, to achieve the purpose of energy conservation and emissions reduction, strict selection should be carried out on the material and technology.Material selection should choose renewable energy, abundant raw materials, low cost, less pollution, energy or materials;Try to avoid using radioactive, toxic and harmful energy or materials;Technology should be used in dry cutting, cryogenic cutting and high precision cold grinding, metal powder injection molding and editable numerical control technology and so on, the use of advanced technology to reduce energy consumption, reduce material waste, reduce the manufacturing cost, so as to realize the greening of machinery manufacturing production process.
Machinery manufacturing pollutant treatment.Machinery manufacturing process will produce a large amount of waste water, waste residue, waste gas, blank material, unqualified parts such as feet, waste not only can cause enormous damage to the environment directly, also caused the waste of energy and resources.To deal with the above waste, the main methods for recovery of combustible gas as a fuel reuse, recycling, or the useful component of conversion of waste liquid using chemical methods to toxic substances into low toxicity or non-toxic substances emissions, will be scrapped parts or at the foot of the blank material recycling, waste.
The mechanical manufacturing technology of the green
Second, mechanical manufacturing technology in the greening problem urgently to be solved
1 green manufacturing idea spread depth needs to be strengthened
Green manufacturing idea is put forward and the development time is shorter, understanding of the concept of green manufacturing is not comprehensive, understanding depth needs to be further strengthened.In view of the requirements of national policy, in part aimed at the problems existing in the enterprise production machinery manufacturing enterprises to improve, reduce the production for the destruction of the surrounding environment, but its manufacturing resources waste phenomenon still exist, need to be further optimized, implementing green manufacturing idea, the whole process from machinery manufacturing enterprise cost saving, improve the enterprise economic benefit and social benefit.
2 the lack of talent
The development of mechanical manufacturing, the realization of the concept of green manufacturing, need a lot of talents with high quality and high technology.And machinery manufacturing professional talents by higher vocational colleges, secondary vocational and commonly the mechanic colleges and universities, in the process of talent training, the concept of green manufacturing nurture depth can't satisfy the demand of the society, green manufacturing is the green resources comprehensive cross, green production and green products, is the need of times development, is the trend of the development of science and technology.Traditional teaching and practice from serious, cultivate talents only can do a competent job on traditional manufacturing industry, and for the new green production process is not up to.Machinery manufacturing professional talent training mode reform, improve the professional skills and professional concept in today's manufacturing industry is an urgent need to solve the problem.
The mechanical manufacturing technology of the green
Machinery manufacturing industry is the relationship between multiple industry level of development of manufacturing industry, the industry's energy consumption is larger, greatly restricted the development of the industry.In the greening of the state encourages economic development today, the machinery manufacturing industry should understand the situation clearly, make full use of advanced manufacturing technology and manufacturing technology, constantly to improve the traditional manufacturing technology upgrading, in order to realize the greening of mechanical manufacturing process.

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