The main functions of the hard sealing ball valves

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Valve industry in China has a history of decades of development, from the simplest to the most useful valve innovation, combined with years of experience, hard seal ball valve continued to improve, through many hardships and valve industry.Today, for a small make up take you understand the main functions of the hard sealing ball valves.
Valve lumen stagnant medium due to temperature change people often booster, medium pressure push out of the sphere, the seat to achieve the effect of pressure relief automatically, after pressure relief valve seat automatic reset.
Hard seal ball valve in addition to general seating, set sealing structure in particular, can play because of the sealing ring damage when leak emergency rescue action.
 The main functions of the hard sealing ball valves
When fire or different temperature to soften seat sealing loss or when.Valve operation is still reliable, at the same time, hard seal ball valve seat and formation of metal to metal sphere, to temporarily seal effect, to stop the fire to further expand, comply with the provisions of the AP16FA.
Unscrew out device can check whether the valve seat leakage occurs, also can discharge midplane retentate to valve's unilateral medium to reduce pollution.In working status, when the valve is in full open or close, can replace the valve stem packing.
Hard seal ball valve stem parts adopt PTFE packing and double sealing o-ring, especially suitable for the gas medium.Stem movement parts adopt high quality SF, self-lubricating bearings, make smaller friction coefficient, reduce operating torque.
Hard seal ball valve is according to the needs of users, to meet in sulfide environment make demands cracking of sulfide, hard seal ball valve from design, material selection, manufacturing, test, surface and paint are strictly in accordance with the corrosion engineers NACE standard requirements.