The lightweight material of the shaft coupling-carbon fiber

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The lightweight material of the shaft coupling-carbon fiber

Shaft coupling is a component that connects the two shafts axially and transmits torque and motion. Due to errors in manufacturing and installation, as well as elastic deformation and temperature deformation of the components under working load, the two shafts inevitably have a relative offset. Therefore, the coupling should have a certain ability to compensate for the offset of the two axes to eliminate or reduce the additional load caused by the relative offset of the two axes. Traditional couplings are made of steel or aluminum alloy, and now the emerging material carbon fiber is also widely used in couplings.

Carbon fiber is a fibrous carbon material. It is the most commonly used and most important reinforcement of advanced composite materials. It has high specific strength, high specific modulus, high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, and low thermal expansion coefficient. Excellent performance of the series. Its density is only 1.6g/cm^3, the tensile strength is 3000MPa, while the density of steel is 7.85g/cm^3, the tensile strength is 300~600MPa, the density of aluminum is 2.7g/cm^3, the tensile strength It is 110~136MPa.


The advantages of carbon fiber couplings are:

1. The weight is obviously reduced, only one quarter of the steel linkage shaft and one half of the aluminum linkage shaft.

2. Simplified structure, can reduce unnecessary metal parts, save raw materials and cost.

3. It can work firmly at high speed, ensure that the two shafts have a high center of alignment, and eliminate the adverse consequences caused by the error between the impact and the two shafts.4. Good adaptability to the environment, good fatigue resistance, can work continuously for a long time, and have a long service life.



In summary, the use of carbon fiber materials in the linkage shaft is of great significance for improving work efficiency.


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