The influence of die casting mould for castings

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Die casting mould design is reasonable or not will directly affect the plastic shrinkage rate, due to the mold cavity dimension is obtained by the estimate of the size of plastic products and shrinkage rate, and the shrinkage is or manual of engineering plastics as recommended by the plastic manufacturer of a range of values, it not only with the mold gate forms, gate location and distribution, and the crystal orientation of engineering plastics.
The influence of die casting mould for castings
Due to the injection molding process is the plastic from the solid powder or granular materials to melt and liquid to solid products process.Expect the melt from grain, again by the melt to the products, through middle temperature field, stress field, flow field and density field, in the field, under the joint action of different plastic thermosetting or thermoplastic, crystalline or non-crystalline, enhanced or not enhanced with different polymer structure such as morphology and rheological properties.
The influence of die casting mould for castings
All affect the field's factors will affect the physical and mechanical properties of plastic products, size, shape, appearance quality and accuracy.So, technological factors and the performance of the polymer, structure form and inner links between plastic products through plastic products.Analysis clear these inner link, to reasonably to injection molding processing technology, reasonable design and manufacture of moulds according to the drawing, and choose the injection molding processing equipment has important significance.Precision injection with normal injection molding in the injection pressure and injection rate also has difference, precision injection often adopts high voltage or super high pressure injection, high-speed injection for smaller molding shrinkage rate.
The influence of die casting mould for castings
Comprehensive the above various reasons, the design of precision injection molds in addition to consider the general mold design elements, must also consider the following: (1) using appropriate mold size tolerance;(2) prevents molding shrinkage ratio error;(3) to prevent plastic deformation;(4) to prevent demoulding deformation;(5) to make the mold manufacturing to minimize error;6. Prevent mold precision error;All landowners keep mould precision.
The influence of die casting mould for castings
That is about the die casting mould is good or bad influence on the casting related introduction, hope can help to you.

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