The heating technology of aluminum alloy forgings

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Aluminium alloy forgings are available all kinds of heating equipment prior to forging heating, such as resistance furnace, gas furnace, oil burner, induction heating devices, flow particle furnace, etc.Domestic generally choose resistance furnace heating, in this case, the furnace is equipped with forced furnace gas recycling device, best to encourage the furnace temperature uniformity.When using gas type or oil burner, using low sulfur fuel, and the flame in the furnace is not allowed to directly spray billet surface.Think abroad aluminum alloy forging heating in muffle furnace, for the best, and semi-enclosed gas boiler has been more widely used.When aluminum alloy forging process is highly automated, commonly used heating mode with induction heating, heat resistance and heat flow particles, etc.
Aluminum alloy forging temperature range narrow, easy to overheat, burnt, so must be accurate temperature measurement, temperature control, furnace temperature deviation is best in the range of + / - 5 ℃.
The heating technology of aluminum alloy forgings
Aluminum alloy with good thermal conductivity, so all the thickness of the blank without preheating temperature, directly into the high temperature furnace heating, the heating time is longer than the general carbon steel, this is because the aluminum alloy heating must ensure that the internal strengthening phase dissolved in full, so that uniform microstructure, plasticity.Aluminum alloy billet heating time per mm diameter or thickness 1.5 ~ 2 min.Strengthening phase dissolution process and features of size, shape and distribution of strengthening phase and the nature, organization the more bulky, dissolve is slower, so the ingot casting, large forgings and coarse bar (100 mm) above the heating time to the upper limit.High content of alloy elements in billet, the heating time longer, such as LC4 should be heating time is longer than that of LD2 alloy.In general, the heating time of aluminum alloy 1 ~ 2 h is enough, if when you meet the necessity to extend the heating time more than 4 ~ 6 h, if longer remove metal from the furnace is recommended, to prevent overheating and hydrogen absorption.
Above is about aluminum alloy forging heating process related introduction, hope can help to you.