The first training term organized by Shenyang Chamber of Commerce ended successfully!

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The first training term organized by Shenyang Chamber of Commerce ended successfully!

Last week,4 staffs from overseas sales department of our company went to attend the first training term about improving career competence,which is organized by Shenyang Chamber of Commerce. Three days and two nights’ training course made them feel very enriched and get great harvest.The principle of this activity is ----The more I share,the more progress I make.

They took the first photo in front of the Liaoning Mansion: (left to right—Maggie, Anna, Evelyn, Doris)

28 students in the class are all from the companies of Shenyang Chamber of Commerce.They are all new staffs in their company.They soon became familiar with each other.

In addition to these new staffs,their bosses took the time out of their busy schedule to join in this activity.They took a loud name for their team----Nest Team, because they hope to build a warm family for their staffs.Thanks so much for the great support from bosses!

We learnt together,
We played together,
We made progress together,

In the graduation ceremony, everybody shared their feelings and experiences, especially full thanks. They are all grateful for having this precious opportunity.


Happy ending:


The training ended, but every moment was deep in our minds.
The training ended, but our trip of growth has just begun……
Action speaks louder than words. In the coming days, applying the knowledge to practice is of great importance. We are ambitious to be a most valuable person in our company. The harder we work, the luckier we get!