The exhibition has been successfully completed for New Densen

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The exhibition has been successfully completed for New Densen


New Densen participated in the Düsseldorf International 

Casting Exhibition from June 25th to June 29th.

This exhibition is currently the largest international 

casting exhibition in the world and is held once every four years.

This time, we participated in the exhibition with 

2,214 companies from more than 50 countries

and regions around the world.

This exhibition showcases the most advanced casting

techniques and high quality castings and casting materials.


Professional self-confidence of us

During the exhibition, we have exhibited 

more than 100 types of OEM casting samples.

The process includes various metal casting process 

samples such as sand casting, silicon melt casting,

gravity casting, and die casting.

At the same time, we also show our customers 

a good production level and professional and 

serious service to buyers all over the world.


We use our professional knowledge and sincere

attitude to make factories, processes and product

introductions to every customer 

who comes to the exhibition.


The casting exhibition has been successfully concluded

Now New Densen are confident in their daily work.

Let us look forward to more information 

about New Densen's future exhibitions!