The difference between the electric valves and solenoid valves

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Solenoid valve is a solenoid magnetic occur attract stretched spring to overcome the pressure of the femoral artery and valve operation after power, simple structure, low price, can only end switch; electric switching valve is divided and Conditioning. Off valves are two type of job that is fully open and fully closed, the control valve is in the above device electric valve positioner, through the valve to the closed-loop conditioning in a dynamically stable position.
The solenoid valves
Useful distinction:
Solenoid valve: a control switch for liquid and gas pipeline, two DO control is in the control of small pipes are often used. Common duct model DN50 and below the pipe.
Electric valve: for liquid, gas pipeline analog conditioning medium flow is AI control. Play a large control valves in effect, it is possible to do two electric switching control valve.
The solenoid valves
Switch mode difference:
Solenoid valve is driven by coils formed only on or off, when the switching time is very short.
Electric valve drive is usually used electric devices on or off the end of the action needs a certain amount of simulation time, be able to do conditioning.
The electric valves
The difference between the nature of the job:
Solenoid valve generally transfer coefficient is very small, and the job very small pressure difference. For example, many solenoid valve transfer coefficient is smaller than the 25mm caliber electric ball 15mm diameter. After the solenoid valve is driven, easy to contrast voltage shock damage. Solenoid valve in the switching time is very short, usually used in small flow and pressure is small, the switching frequency of the local big request, usually off solenoid valve can be reset.
Electric valve drive is usually used electrical equipment, compared to the withstand voltage shocks. Datang electric valve opening of the valve can be controlled, the state has opened, closed, half-open half-closed, able to manipulate the flow of the pipeline medium. If the electric valve needs demand reset plus reset device.
The electric valves
These are the differences between the solenoid valve and electric valve, hope to help everyone.