The die forging billets of plastic mold

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The purpose of forging mould parts
(1) to obtain a certain geometry;
(2) improve the organization performance and processing performance of materials.
 The die forging billets of plastic mold
Generally in the die structures (such as fixed plate, plate, etc.) is given priority to with the first purpose, the main working parts (such as punch, concave die, etc.) are two projects.Get module by forging blank geometry method, its flexibility is extremely strong.Basic can meet the requirements of electrodes in the module specification and size diversity, has the advantages of saving materials, shorten working hours.
For the main parts in the mould, due to its heat treatment, quality and service life, etc, often by forging to improve the performance of raw materials is needed.Such as through forging materials, compact structure, uniform, make its not obvious anisotropy, etc.At this time of the forging is not only change the geometry shape, more it is important to note the forging method.Like a adopting longitudinal dui, heading to heading, three horizontal and diagonal forging, etc.
 The die forging billets of plastic mold
Determine the principle of the baiting size of the forging stock
Forging stock of raw materials for round steel commonly, choose the diameter of round steel and to determine the blanking length is the important link in the process of forging blank.The principles of determining can be summarized as follows:
 The die forging billets of plastic mold
(1) equal to the volume, the volume of the forging blank and metal loss rate in the process of forging shall be equal to the discharge volume of the raw material (round).
(2) metal forging is caused by heating of oxidation burning loss rate of the delta, attrition rate of the decarburization layer etc.Generally take delta = 0.05 ~ 0.10.Fire time increasing, forging large irregularities material decarburization tendency age of great value.
(3) the raw material length to diameter ratio (L/D) can't be too big, generally take L/D = 1.5 ~ 1.5, the biggest of no more than 3.L/D is too big, it may occur in the process of forging forging defects such as bending, sandwich.
(4) calculated diameter of raw materials should be carried out according to the national standard of the specifications of the roundness, and it is best to plant existing in stock or on the market of the specifications of the supply.
 The die forging billets of plastic mold
The calculation method of the baiting size of the forging stock
According to the above principle formula and the method can draw the following:
First of all, according to the principle of (1) forging billet can be V = V (1 + g) %
Type, volume V after forging is a forging module, also is the appearance of mold parts size and volume after machining allowance.V is the discharge volume of raw materials.