The commonly used purification methods before casting aluminum ingots

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The commonly used purification methods before casting aluminum ingots

Due to the electric tank of liquid aluminum zhongyou many impurities, so it is necessary to filter before casting aluminum ingots.

It is understood that the commonly used way includes: first, the solvent in solvent purification method is used to participate in the solution, the solvent has a small density, activity, adsorption ability, etc.After the adsorption solution of oxide, constitute a new droplet reaches the surface.After cooling form scum.Remove the scum can cast aluminum ingots.In the second.Chlorine gas purification, commonly used chlorine, nitrogen or nitrogen gas mixture, is a kind of primary aluminium purification method.


(1) the chlorine gas purification.Pass into the aluminum liquid chlorine gas generated many fine bubbles, abundant mixing in liquid aluminum, the hydrogen dissolved in it, and some mechanical inclusions, can be adsorbed on the small bubbles.Followed the bubbles rise to the surface of a liquid aluminum and discharge.

(2) the nitrogen purification method.Due to the chlorine gas toxic, and capital is higher, so the nitrogen purification presented.Use the alumina ball filter medium (418 mm).N2 directly into the liquid aluminum.Liquid aluminum successively into purification furnace, after alumina ball filter layer, nitrogen was, so the non-metallic inclusions in aluminum liquid and dissolved hydrogen to root out, and then after discharge, making fine uniform distribution of nitrogen bubble in have the effect of purification in the disposal of the liquid aluminum.


(3) the mixed gas purification method.Use a mixture of chlorine gas and nitrogen gas to purify liquid aluminum, its effect is on the one hand to take off hydrogen and oxide separation, on the other hand to remove some metal impurities (such as magnesium) in the aluminum, the structure of the commonly used 90% nitrogen + 10% chlorine.Also have choose 10% chlorine + 10% co2 + 80% n2.This effect is very good, carbon dioxide can make excellent dispersion, chlorine and nitrogen can shorten operation time.

Above is about casting aluminum ingots before the introduction of commonly used purification methods, the company should according to actual needs, choose the suitable purification method.

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