The common malfunction causes magnetic separator

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Magnetic separator is suitable for the size 3 mm below the magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore and ilmenite wet magnetic separation of materials, also used in coal, non-metallic mineral, building materials and other materials in addition to iron.Magnetic separator magnetic system, USES the high quality material or compounded with magnets, ferrite drum table magnetic induction intensity for an average of 100-100 mt.What are the common magnetic separation machine failure?Below we one by one for analysis.
The common malfunction causes magnetic separator
An overheating, magnetic separation, mechanical and electrical machine and its noise is not normal.
Magnetic separation mechanical and electrical machine overheating and abnormal sound, there may be several reasons:
1, or poor lubrication bearing wear;
2, fan leaves fall off or wear;
3, switch circuit poor contact, or break line run single phase;
4, the voltage is too low.
The common malfunction causes magnetic separator
Second, magnetic separator, magnetic field intensity weaken
1, the temperature is too high
2, sunlight
3, acid and alkali corrosion
The common malfunction causes magnetic separator
Three, magnetic separator, abnormal sound in operation, the cylinder is stuck by the barrier, even to cannot turn the cylinder, bottom box.
1, the bottom case of objects stuck,
2, magnetic block off, make the barrel squeaky, serious when they make the tube skin cut.
Appeared in the process of magnetic separation machine operation problems such as abnormal sound, should immediately stop overhaul, troubleshooting.
The common malfunction causes magnetic separator
Four, reducer is overheating
1, lack of oil or oily bad;
2, and worm gear wear nothing, or mesh is bad;
3, poor lubrication bearing or badly worn.
Find the equipment failure reason, to better and faster to solve the problem.Magnetic separator equipment not only need we often maintenance, also need maintenance on a regular basis, in order to reduce equipment failure rate.