The classification of the forging equipment

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According to different transmission mode, the forging equipment can be divided into the hammer, hydraulic press, crank press, rotary forging machine, and screw press.

China currently adopts pneumatic hammer is made up of 30 ~ 1000 kilograms, steam air from 1 ~ 5 tons of free forging hammer, used for forging billet production.Steam air forging hammer from 1 to 16 tons, used in machinery manufacturing production of various kinds of die forgings.In addition to spring hammer, hammer hammer belt, steel wire, plate hammer, etc.In recent years abroad also developed high efficiency of hydraulic hammer.Forging hydraulic press was founded in the middle of the 19th century, has now become a forging processing one of the important equipment in metallurgy and machinery industry, working stroke velocity of about 50 to 150 mm per second, is actually a static properties;Working pressure of liquid is commonly 200 ~ 400 atmospheres.The main parameters for the nominal pressure hydraulic press, hydraulic press it said will have the biggest pressure.Free forging hydraulic press common nominal pressure for 500 ~ 500 tons, and die forging with 1000 ~ 75000 tons.In recent years, the operation of the hydraulic press have been implemented electronic computer automatic control.


Crank press is a kind of forging equipment, the use of more extensive structure form is more also.Ordinary crank press mainly for the production of stamping parts;Hot die forging crank press used in the production of hot die forging parts;Hand forging machine is used for long rod type forgings of local upsetting and ring upsetting and punching parts;Cold heading automata is used to the cold heading of standard parts processing;Deep drawing press used in drawing board;Cold extrusion press for a variety of cold extrusion parts;Coining press used for high precision parts processing.Main parameters of the crank press is the nominal pressure, said the slider on the permissible maximum of reaction.

Rotary forging machine work mechanism for rotary motion, it is mainly used for forging, various axial forgings and blocking, etc.


In the screw press friction screw press and hydraulic screw press.Friction press friction disk drive, as currently used more widely a simple structure of die forging stamping equipment, the nominal pressure of 63 ~ 1250 tons.Hydraulic screw press is a efficient die forging equipment developed in recent years, its nominal pressure has amounted to 6300 tons.The performance of the screw press under eccentric load is poorer, generally only for single-mode chamber die forging.In order to improve the press under eccentric load capacity, double screw hydraulic screw press arises at the historic moment.

Since the 1960 s, the fast forging hydraulic press for development of large tonnage, also fine forging machine is used to improve the surface quality and dimension precision of the forgings.Therefore, forging stock specifications scope expands unceasingly, the variety of forgings is increasing.