The classification and characteristics of pneumatic ball valve

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About everyone knows how much the pneumatic ball valve, the following is to introduce the pneumatic ball valve.
Pneumatic ball valve and ball valve has a O V type ball valve.O-type ball valve structure of floating type, ball core for precision casting, hard chromium plating processing, appearance with enhanced ptfe seat material, flow crossing the same as the pipe diameter, flow capacity, little flow resistance, closing without leakage, generally do switch valve is used, especially suitable for high viscosity, v-shaped ball valve fixed structure, ball core open v-shaped incision, which can realize shear fiber, granular media.
The classification and characteristics of pneumatic ball valve
Process equipment under different choice of pneumatic or electric actuators, forming an and electric ball valves, pneumatic ball valve such as pneumatic ball valve must be regulated to achieve proportional valve positioner, such as the electric ball valve to be regulated to achieve proportional election electronic actuators or servo amplifier, etc.
From the material, can be divided into: carbon steel ball valve, 304 stainless steel ball valve, 316 copper ball valve and ball valve
According to the pressure, can be divided into: high pressure ball valve and low pressure ball valve
High pressure pneumatic ball valve: mainly used in oil, gas, hydraulic oil, engineering machinery and other industries
The classification and characteristics of pneumatic ball valve
Low pressure pneumatic ball valve: mainly used in corrosion medium such as water pipe on the road!Type knife gate valve products in use the matters needing attention and its model: type knife gate valve opening and closing is ram, ram movement direction perpendicular to the direction of flow and the manual type knife gate valve can only be fully open and close, not to adjust and throttling.Sealing face has two gate, two of the most commonly used mode gate valve sealing surface form a wedge, the wedge Angle vary with the valve parameters, usually in the form of 50, wedge type knife gate valve disc can be made into a whole, is called a rigid disc;Can also make it generates trace of deformation of ram, in order to improve the manufacturability, make up for the sealing surface Angle in the process of our processing deviation, the gate is called elastic disc type knife gate valve is closed, sealing surface can only rely on medium pressure to seal, that depend on medium pressure, the disc will be to the other side of the valve seat sealing surface pressure to ensure that the seal face seal, this is the seal.Most type knife gate valve is made mandatory sealing, the valve is closed, to rely on outside force forced the ram pressure to the seat, to ensure the sealing surface of this kind of valve sealing shall generally be installed in the pipeline.
That is about the classification and characteristics of pneumatic ball valve, hope can help to you.

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