The cautions of forged steel valves

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Note the amount of fat forged steel valves often ignore.Note grease gun after lubrication, low temperature cut-off valve selection operators valves and greasing connection, on the operations.There are two forged steel gate valve: on the one hand, on the quantity is little greasing, sealing surface due to the lack of lubricant and speed up the wear and tear.On the other hand on the excessive, resulting in waste.Is no categories depending on the type of valve, valve sealing capacity of different calculations.Can work out seal to the valve size and class capacity, then the reasonable injection amount of grease.
Forged steel gate valve often ignore the pressure problem.In greasing operation, on the pressure gauge half free ball float steam trap a peak valley variation law.Pressure is too low, seal leakage or relief valve failure, pressure is too high, on the lipid within the valve manufacturers jams, seal hardening or sealing ring and valve ball, valve plate lock.Usually fat injection pressure too low, injecting grease into the valve at the bottom of the cavity, more commonly occur in small gate valves.And grease injection flow control valve pressure is too high, on the one hand, check insulation check valve on the mouth, so fat remote-controlled floating ball valve orifice affection springs closed a wrench and all type of be replaced;Another plunger valve, on the one hand is the lipid sclerosis to use cleaning fluids, repeated failure sealing grease of softening, and inject new replacement grease.In addition, sealing type and sealing material, also influence on the pressure, different seal forms have different fat injection pressure, usually hard seal fat injection pressure is higher than the soft seal.
The cautions of forged steel valves
Forged steel globe valve attention to the problem of valve in the switch position.Generally ball valve maintenance in an open state, under special circumstances to choose shut down maintenance.Other valves are not all in open position.Forged steel globe valves must be closed during maintenance, to ensure the sealing ring is full of grease seal grooves, if open, sealing grease directly off the inflow, or valve cavity, wasteful.Valve greasing, often ignore the fat injection effect problem.Greasing operation pressure, fat injection rate, switch is normal.But in order to ensure the valve grease injection effect, and sometimes need to open or close the valve, check the lubrication effect, confirm the valve ball or disc surface lubrication even.
Forged steel check valve should pay attention to body bleed and plug pressure problem.Valve down after test, seal chamber cavity gas and water due to environment temperature and pressure, drainage pressure greasing before, to help on the work smoothly.Greasing the air and water are fully replace seal cavity.Drain off the valve cavity pressure in time, also guaranteed the valve use security.On the end, be sure to tighten the drainage and blowdown plug, in case of an accident.Greasing, attention should be paid to the grease evenly.Normal greasing, distance on the mouth of the lipid Kong Xian recently fat, and then to low, the last is high, successive fat.If not according to the law or not fat, exist jams, QingTong processing in a timely manner.
Forged steel extended side gate valve to valve size and seal flush problem.The ball valve, for example, if there is an interference, can be adjusted to the open a limiter, after confirm size flat lock.Adjust the limit not only the pursuit of open or GuanYiFang position, want to consider as a whole.If a flush and close does not reach the designated position, will cause the valve is lax.By the same token, the adjustment locked in place, also want to consider to open a corresponding adjustment.Ensure quarter-turn valves.Note after fat, must be sealed on the mouth.Avoid impurities to enter, or on the mouth of lipid oxidation, block to daub antirust grease, prevent rust.In order to the next operation is applied
The cautions of forged steel valves
Forged steel cryogenic valves to consider specific treatment in oil transportation in the future.In view of the different quality diesel and gasoline, gasoline of scour and decomposition capacity should be taken into account.In gas valve operation, after period of operation, timely add grease, prevent wear and tear.Greasing, don't ignore the stem part of greasing.Valve shaft parts with sliding sleeve or packing, also need to keep the lubrication state, to reduce the operation of the friction resistance, such as can not ensure that lubrication, enlarging the worn parts, electric operation torque, when the manual switch.
Some ball valve with arrow on valve body, if there is no attached English FIOW handwriting, seal seat direction, not to the flow direction of medium as a reference, since the drain valve in the opposite direction.Typically, two-seater sealing ball valves with two-way flow.
Above is about some matters needing attention of forged steel valves, hope can help to you.

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