The TPS exhibition ended perfectly

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The TPS exhibition ended perfectly

New Densen attended the TPS exhibition that is the oil industry fair, our factories have desighed and produced many oil industry components, and were accepted by the industry professional and well received by customers.

investment casting 400.jpg

As a professional production of metal parts producer, we have been strict with ourselves, according to the requirements of customers .

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During the exhibition, many foreign customers expressed interest in the products of our company and wanted to know more details and hoped to keep communication. Even in the half of the exhibition, the Product brochure and business CARDS were out.

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Made in China  was accepted by foreign customers Constantly, because of China's manufacturing industry is not only the guarantee of quality, also is name card of brand. 

New Densen was proud of participating in the exhibition, as a representative of the Chinese company is able to contribute meager strength for Made in China.