System of powder forging technology

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Traditional ordinary die forging and machining method has been difficult to meet today's cars, motorcycles and other industrial production of high quality, high precision, high efficiency, low consumption and low cost requirements.Powder forging process is powder metallurgy process and organic combination of precision forging and developed a market competitiveness for a less, no cutting metal processing method.
Powder forging metal powder as raw material, through preform pressing, heating it in a protective atmosphere, the blade forgings as forging blank in press and implementation without flash precision die forging, get the same as the ordinary die forging density and complicated shape precision forgings.Powder forging process requirements:
System of powder forging technology
1, ingredients and mixing.According to the different products of powder material and performance requirements, select the appropriate low alloy steel powder, after batching calculation and accurately according to powder weight, placed inside the mixer mixing to uniform distribution.
2, pressure preform billet.In the pressing machine to press the powder into a preform billet.Of preformed billet design should be reasonable, change the quality of the density, quality, and to strictly control the size, in order to avoid overload and damage the mould.
3, sintering.In reducing protective atmosphere on sintering furnace, the temperature is 1100 ~ 1130 ℃, to completely alloying.Is then sintered body move without the holding furnace oxidizing atmosphere for thermal insulation (about 1000 ℃).
System of powder forging technology
4, closed die forging.The forging process of sintered body has two kinds: one is the use of sintered body heat insulation to the forging temperature immediately when forging, in order to save energy;Second, after cooling to room temperature sintered body, heating again, again for forging, the method of energy consumption is relatively increased.The densification sintered body closed die forging, can be 80% theoretical density of sintered body forging until nearly 100% theoretical density.It must be pointed out that in the forging deformation, the shape of preformed billet design is reasonable, in order to reduce the lateral metal flow and reduce the wear of forging die.
Powder forging process has both good advantages of powder metallurgy forming performance, and the forging deformation can effectively change the organization and performance characteristics of metal materials, powder metallurgy and forging process has made new breakthroughs in the production, especially suitable for mass production of high strength and complicated shape parts, therefore in the industrial sector has great application prospects.