Structure and characteristics of welded ball valves

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Welded ball valve structure and the characteristics of what kind of? Below small make up to look at the summary of small make up!
Structure and characteristics of welded ball valves
Structure of welding ball valve:
1.Welding ball valve using carbon seamless steel pipe to suppress the formation of integral welding ball valve.
2.AISI303 stainless steel and AISI304 stainless steel is often used in the body of the material, excellent sealing performance and corrosion resistance are very superior through finishing grinding production.
3.Carbon reinforced PTFE plane elastic sealing ring negative pressure on the spherical surface, so that the characteristics of long zero leakage life.
Structure and characteristics of welded ball valves
4.Valve connection: the user can choose welding, thread, flange, etc.. Transmission mode: using the handle, turbine, pneumatic, electric and other transmission structure, switch flexible and portable.
5.Compact structure, light weight, easy to heat insulation, easy to install these are the characteristics of welded ball valve.
6.The use of foreign advanced technology in one welded ball valve, and linked to the actual situation in the domestic production of research and development, in order to replace imports, to fill the domestic blank. Wide application in the field of natural gas, oil, heat supply, chemical industry and heat pipe network.
1.Steel pipe welding production body.
2.Reinforced PTFE for ball pad.
3.The use of explosion-proof design on the stem.
4.Temperature range: -60-200.
5.Drive mode: manual or turbine drive.
6.Testing standards: Api598.
Structure and characteristics of welded ball valves
The above is a small series of welded ball valve structure and characteristics of some of the summary, hoping to help to everyone!