Structure and characteristics of the welding ball valve

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Welded ball valve is used widely, but few people can know the structure and characteristic of ball valve is what, here are together and see it.
 Structure and characteristics of the welding ball valve
1. The welding ball valve is made of carbon steel seamless steel tube pressing forming integral welded ball valve.
2. AISI303 stainless steel stem, AISI304 stainless steel body, after finishing grinding production, good sealing performance and corrosion resistance.
3. The seal using carbon reinforced PTFE inclined plane elastic seal negative pressure on the sphere, make the seal reach zero leakage and long service life, etc.
4. This valve connection mode: welding, thread, flange and so on for the user to choose from.Transmission way: by using the handle, turbine, such as pneumatic, electric transmission structure, flexible light switch.
5. The welding ball valve valve structure is compact, light weight, easy to heat preservation, ease of installation.The average valve.
6. One-piece welded ball valve absorb foreign advanced technology, combined with domestic actual situation development, with domestic instead of imported, fill the domestic blank.Widely used in natural gas, oil, heating and chemical and heat pipe isometric pipeline field.
 Structure and characteristics of the welding ball valve
Welded ball valve features:
1. The body is composed of steel pipe welding.
2. The ball pad the reinforced ptfe.
3. The stem adopt explosion proof design.
4. The temperature range: 60-200 ℃
5. Drive mode: manual or turbine drive.
6. Test standard: Api598.
Above is about welding ball valve structure and characteristics of the related introduction, hope can help to you.