Steps should be paid attention to in the installation process of drum type magnetic separator

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Driving device, part rotating cylinder, tank and other components of the magnetic separator. Electric vibrating feeder, rotary drum, brush, ore bucket, mine, a frame and a driving device composed of double drum magnetic separator. Equipment acceptance, disintegration of cleaning, to adjust the drive part of the gear, bearing clearance, transfer tube and the trough body position relative to other is drum magnetic separator before installation should be carried out.
Steps should be paid attention to in the installation process of drum type magnetic separator
Magnetic separation process:
1.Choose the right installation location. Installed in the flat, sturdy concrete or steel foundation, magnetic separation machine support feet should maintain a stable and uniform, beware of the foundation caused by the uneven foundation deformation.
2.Fixed after the first of the bottom beam pole head vertical shaft and the turntable - beam transmission installation excitation coil voltage withstand test, then in turn mounted transmission device, a bottom beam, beam, pole head, a turntable, a vertical shaft, an exciting coil and the use of a crane.
3.After the completion of the test operation before the deal with trough leakage inspection, equipment parts and rinse off with clear water and switch on the power regulation magnetic separator to the best state.
Steps should be paid attention to in the installation process of drum type magnetic separator
Matters needing attention during installation of magnetic separator:
1.The adjustment of the air gap between the vertical shaft verticality and turn table level and a turntable and two head is installed on, should coincide turntable and two head arc axis.
2.The requirement of the installation precision is: equipment of the center line of the limit deviations for 3mm, elevation limit deviation is + 5 mm; magnetic separator were installed in a line, the tolerance of 3mm is straightness of center line of value, not larger than 3mm in relative elevation difference.
3.To ensure that the machine is not loose after installation, there will be no leakage short circuit and other phenomena.
Steps should be paid attention to in the installation process of drum type magnetic separator
Above is the cylinder type magnetic separator in the installation process need to pay attention to some of the steps, hoping to help to you.

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