"Stainless steel" -- three kinds of surface treatment technology

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Different stainless steel processing and surface processing craft, can make the material of the same highlights different visual effect and feel features.From the perspective of design, need to know the following 3 kinds of surface treatment technology of stainless steel.
01 - sand blasting, shot peening treatment
Sandblasting is using compressed air as the power, to form a high speed injection beam will (copper ore, quartz sand, emery, iron sand, sea sand) high-speed jet to need to deal with the surface, make the workpiece surface appearance or shape change.
 "Stainless steel" -- three kinds of surface treatment technology
Sand on the surface of engineering and technology has the very strong application, such as: improve the adhesive viscosity, decontamination, matte surface after the optimization of machining burrs, surface processing.
Is uniform and efficient than manual grinding sand blasting process and the method of the stainless steel handle, make a low-key, durable characteristics of the product.Here are a few examples intuitive to see the effect of sand blasting process:
 "Stainless steel" -- three kinds of surface treatment technology
02 - Chemical processing.
Chemical treatment is make stainless steel surface by chemical or electrochemical processing method to generate a layer of stable compounds.As we often say that the plating is electricity chemical treatment.
Single or mixed acid solution, the anodic dissolution (electrolysis), rust removal, etc. The use of phosphate treatment and chromate treatment, black, anodic oxidation, the metal surface to generate a layer of protective film, all belong to this method.This method can achieve complex pattern of effects, the design of the building or restoring ancient ways of modern demand.
 "Stainless steel" -- three kinds of surface treatment technology
03 - mirror processing
Stainless steel mirror processing, is simply to polishing stainless steel surface processing, polishing polishing technique can be divided into physical and chemical polishing.Also can undertake partial in the stainless steel surface polishing, polishing into ordinary polishing, ordinary 6 k, fine grinding, 8 k, 10 k super fine grinding effect.The mirror gives a person with high-grade contracted, fashionable feeling in the future.
Above is about stainless steel processing and surface processing technology introduction, hope can help to you.

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