Stainless steel processing and welding attention to three points

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Mechanical parts and steel structure parts than in welding has certain difficulties, because the strength, rigidity requirements of welding parts to be guaranteed, but also the overall size, shape and position accuracy and repair after the processing requirements should also be guaranteed. Repair large and complex parts, to see parts of the wear and tear of the process to develop welding repair process, and strictly implement.
General situation, stainless steel processing welding repair process should pay attention to the following three points:
1) Preparation before welding. In addition to the main equipment, preparation and welding preheating welding groove.
2) Positioning welding: in the local has been broken off the overall welding repair, should ensure that the docking position is accurate, in case of excessive deformation in the welding. For this purpose, we should first make the position welding: the welding rod with the diameter less than the welding, and then the position is corrected again.
3) After welding heat treatment: in order to make residual stress and post weld crack reduction, heat treatment must be carried out after welding.
These are the need to pay attention to the processing of stainless steel welding repair place, hoping to help everyone.