Stainless steel precision casting characteristics

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Investment casting the biggest advantage is due to the investment casting with high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, so can reduce machining work, only in parts a little higher requirements on the parts machining allowance, and even some castings only grinding, polishing allowance, don't need to machining can be used.Below is the processing technology of stainless steel precision casting industry characteristics analysis.
Stainless steel precision casting characteristics
Stainless steel precision casting industry processing process characteristics analysis
On the mechanical properties of the stainless steel precision casting is higher than cast iron, but its worse than cast iron casting performance, belong to the said revestment precision casting and precision casting.Its high melting point, easy oxidation of liquid steel, poor liquidity, contraction of molten steel, stainless steel precision casting is not only applicable to various types, all kinds of alloy casting.
Stainless steel precision casting characteristics
The processing technology of the stainless steel precision casting features:
1, because of the stainless steel precision casting shrinkage considerably more than cast iron, to prevent casting shrinkage cavity, shrinkage defects, using riser and mostly on the casting process, cold iron and subsidies and other measures, in order to realize the solidification sequence.
To prevent stainless steel castings, shrinkage cavity, shrinkage, porosity and crack defects, should make its uniform thickness, avoid sharp corners and rectangular structure, sawdust are added into the mould with sand, add coke to the core, and the hollow core and sand core and so on to improve the sand mold or core of breathable and back down.More stainless steel precision casting industry analysis please refer to the latest report hall of stainless steel precision casting industry in China market research and investment prospect forecast.
Stainless steel precision casting characteristics
2, due to poor liquidity of liquid steel, to prevent steel cold insulation and misrun, steel wall thickness not less than 8 mm;Use dry mold or hot mould;Properly increasing pouring temperature, average of 1520 ° ~ 1600 ℃, because of the high pouring temperature, liquid steel superheat, keep long liquid, liquid can be improved.But the water temperature is too high, can cause coarse grains, defects such as hot cracking, porosity, and adhering sand.So generally small, thin wall and complex shape precision castings, the pouring temperature is about steel melting point temperature of + 150 ℃;Gating system to simple structure, and section size is bigger than cast iron;Large, thick wall castings pouring temperature about 100 ℃ higher than the melting point.
The above is about the introduction of the characteristics of the stainless steel precision casting, hope can help to you.

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