Stainless steel die casting production problems

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Stainless steel die casting is various kinds of casting process is the most widely applied a, its characteristic is to use the mold cavity of melting metal under pressure.Compared with other metal casting technology, the surface of the die casting is more smooth, more consistent size, and lower cost.In die casting process, there are some common problems, affects the normal use of the machine and precision of the casting, so what are some of the problems, and what is the solution?Together we look at the below: in the process of the die casting production nine of the most common problems and their solutions:
The first question: hammer head card dead
Solution: 1 in production, measuring temperature, often avoid hammer head, department of barrel temperature is too high;2 choose high quality, does not contain the impurities of alloy material, avoid impurity gelling on hammer head.
Second question: injection head stuck in the gooseneck
Solution: equipment at room temperature, try to turn the hammer head, such as unable to turn in a barrel, will hammer out.If you want to quickly solve the problem of stuck, is one of the best refueling pot.
 Stainless steel die casting production problems
The third question: dozen dozen dozens of mold of material was not, have to wait a few minutes before they can continue to play
Solution: look at the top of the cutting head if there is a bright spot, such as is full of gray, then plug nozzle, can shoot tip temperature increase moderately, nozzle is time to trim 0.1 to 0.2 seconds, set mold cooling water a little down.
The fourth question: die casting thin-walled products easy to crack
Solution: this problem, maybe there is something wrong with the material or mold opening or improper selection process parameters to control the waste percentage of not more than 30%, mould time shoulds not be too long, about 3 s per mm wall thickness and ejection time delay is not long, generally 0.5 to 2 s.
Question 5: hard material, cutting tool wear easily
Solution: use ratio of raw materials, use recycled materials, the specialized production of gems for carbide blade.
 Stainless steel die casting production problems
Question 6: aluminum die casting in polished black spots
Solution: reduce the concentration of the spray, spray to switch to other agent;Air or longer after spraying time.
Question 7: in the process of the die casting metal spill
Solution: re-install the mold;Increase the clamping force, adjust the die casting machine, keep moving, fixed mould plate mutually parallel;The increased on the moving mould plate, increase the stiffness of boards.
Question 8: die casting after anodic oxidation pattern
Solution: uneven spraying, injection oil for a walk, or inappropriate position of high-speed switch oxidation tank copper ion content too high will cause pattern problem, so can let the spraying, injection oil spreading evenly, not gather together in a local, or set up high-speed switch position, reduce owe cast.
 Stainless steel die casting production problems
Question 9: die casting mould material
Solution: check whether the mold temperature is normal, moderately reduce the pouring temperature and mold temperature of molten alloy;Check whether the ratio of release agent is unusual, try to replace the release agent, debugging surface polishing, spraying position for the nitriding of mould, carefully polished, prevents the nitride layer on the surface of the eroded, forming the throw the sticky situation;4, improvement on the design of gating system structure, to avoid continuous scouring liquid alloy core or cavity wall;5, modify mould cooling system;6, adjust the die casting technology parameters, appropriate to reduce the injection speed, shorten the second trip.
That is about the problems in the production of stainless steel die casting and the introduction of the solution, hope to be able to help you.

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