Stainless steel casting surface cleaning method

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Cleaning on the surface of the stainless steel castings divided into two categories: dry, wet, dry class cleaning method mainly blasting process, wet type hydraulic cleaning method is mainly a little solution deoxidization, water deoxidization, below by changzhou machinery manufacturer for everybody introduction of dry and wet these two stainless steel castings surface cleaning method for your reference.
Stainless steel casting surface cleaning method
Dry class cleaning method is mainly blasting process of friction surface treatment of stainless steel casting to clean, blasting process simple said is powered by compressed air, make the projectile at a certain speed sprayed onto the surface of the stainless steel castings, with sand and iron oxide on the surface of the clear, but the friction cleaning method because of the low efficiency, poor cleaning effect of uneven, reason, has been adopted by created in the factory, has almost been eliminated.
Wet principle mainly effect active class reasonable method, the high voltage pulse generator and discharge through the special electrode placed on the water, a big hydraulic impact.Because the stainless steel castings surface adhesion and elastic modulus of the casting and vibration frequency is different, so as to achieve the deoxidization purpose.For complex shape stainless steel castings, such as deep holes, blind holes, inner cavity has a relatively effective cleaning efficiency.Is the one of the most widely used a range of stainless steel castings, casting surface cleaning.
Stainless steel casting surface cleaning method
Stainless steel in accordance with the structure can be divided into austenitic stainless steel, martensite stainless steel and ferritic stainless steel.Of austenitic stainless steel is a kind of stainless steel, the usage is the biggest structure of austenitic stainless steel in theory there is no magnetic, but the austenitic stainless steel after cold working can produce magnetic, according to some studies show that both at home and abroad, the cause of austenitic stainless steel castings with magnetic is in the process of machining when heated to a temperature of austenitic stainless steel transition temperature above and keep after a period of time, turns into austenitic stainless steel, but then need stainless steel casting cooling molding, in the process of rapid cooling, when cool austenite to martensite transformation temperature, its organization began to turn into martensite, until the temperature dropped to form martensite structure below the transition temperature stops changing.In the production of stainless steel castings, the stability of the austenitic stainless steel, the processing deformation, and processing methods are likely to affect the transformation of martensite stainless steel
Above is two kinds of common cleaning methods on the surface of the stainless steel castings, here need to remind you that these two kinds of cleaning method is not only for stainless steel castings, the vast majority of metal casting products after processing and molding process of the need to clean up the surface, is indispensable process in metal casting products, for cleaning on the surface of the castings, the main role is in addition to touch on the surface of the metal casting sand, and a series of impurity such as iron oxide, makes the surface of the stainless steel castings with stainless steel metal luster, achieve product standards, so it's very important to cleaning the surface of stainless steel castings, everybody when cleaning the surface of the stainless steel castings must be carried out in accordance with the right way.To guarantee the quality of stainless steel casting products.

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