Some characteristics of investment casting

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Almost as much as the general casting process, the basic design of investment casting is as follows:
(1) design of the pouring system, determine the module structure.
(2) the technological process of the casting structure is analyzed;
(3) the process plan should be chosen reasonably, the relevant casting process parameters should be determined, and the casting drawing should be designed on the basis of the above conditions.
Some characteristics of investment casting
Characteristics of investment casting:
Complex castings of various alloys can be realized by the method of investment casting, in particular, high temperature alloy castings can be cast by this method. The product can be used to ensure the consistency of the product, and the cutting pattern can also be avoided during machining.
In size precision investment casting is higher, generally up to CT4-6. Due to the investment casting process is complex and there are many factors that affect the casting accuracy, so for ordinary investment castings while the accuracy is relatively high but product consistency problems still need to improve.
When the mold is pressed, the high surface finish of the mould cavity is supposed to be adopted, so the surface of the mold is also very smooth. In addition, the refractory coating formed by the special high temperature resistant binder and the refractory material is coated on the melt mould and made into the shell, and the surface finish is very high in the cavity of the direct contact with the molten metal.
Some characteristics of investment casting
Investment casting the biggest advantage is due to the investment casting with high precision and surface finish, so machining work can get great decrease can be a small amount of processing on the important part of the, even leaving only grinding, polishing surplus in some castings, do not have to mechanical processing can use. It can be seen that the machine tool equipment and processing time can be a lot of savings, the amount of raw materials can also be substantial savings.