Select the Magnetic separator may fall into what errors

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Magnetic separator is widely used in the recycling, timber, mining, ceramics, chemical, food and other factories, magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials suitable for wet magnetic particle size below 3mm election, iron work also for coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials, is the most widely used one of the highly versatile models in the industry.
Select the Magnetic separator may fall into what errors
Magnetic particles, except that the magnetic effect, their competitiveness will have an effect in magnetic separators magnetic field. And the magnetic force in the opposite direction of all the mechanical force can be defined as competitiveness, including gravity, inertial force, centrifugal force, hydrodynamic resistance and the like. In the magnetic separation process, the collector is the magnetic force of the magnetic particles, also known as magnetic force collector; the magnetic particles from the magnetic force is competitive, also known from the force.
Select the Magnetic separator may fall into what errors
Obviously, the magnetic particles is greater than the magnetic force suffered the impact of the competitiveness of an important condition for the magnetic and non-magnetic particles separation. An important condition for two different magnetic powder particles are separated, the magnetic particles suffered should be more than competitive in the strong magnetic particles, the particles should be less than the magnetic force suffered less competitive in the magnetic particles.
Select the Magnetic separator may fall into what errors
It should be noted, there can be proven absolutely pure magnetic products and non-magnetic products, in addition to not affect the product purity monomer Liansheng vitro dissociation, the non-magnetic part of the product mix magnetic particles in the magnetic part of the mixed product non-magnetic particles.
Select the Magnetic separator may fall into what errors
In the former case, the recovery rate will decrease the recovery of the magnetic component, the particle size of the magnetic particles too fine things mainly, the fluid resistance is reduced and other competitive antagonism; a situation in grade magnetic products has declined, the the reason is that there is a strong interaction between the particles exist, the finer the particle size, the greater the concentration of slurry, the more obvious the interaction forces between the particles again.
Select the Magnetic separator may fall into what errors
Then, select the magnetic separators may fall into what errors it?
1, does not distinguish between the case of the magnetic material, the higher the magnetic field is not possible.
2, using a magnetic separators to deal with different magnetic materials.
3, the material being magnetic separation, iron removal process with no regard to the operating state.
Select the Magnetic separator may fall into what errors
4, the higher the magnetic field is higher.
5, magnetic separation from one part of the installation, in addition to iron equipment to solve a system of magnetic pollution problems.
Select the Magnetic separator may fall into what errors
6, blind investment, to solve a problem with the investment.
That everything looks like the surface so simple, the same magnetic separator, magnetic separation is also a job, it is important to select the right match!

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